Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Catching People Unaware

I don’t take a lot of snapshots of people. I take a lot of animal snapshots and this year, I took a lot of shots of our town being happy as the Christmas parade was about to start. That was different for me. I think, on the average, I like animals better than people.

Ben, the friend – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong

About birds and feeders. I put up the bird feeder because every winter, I’ve watched the cold little birds shivering in the bushes, nothing to eat, fluffing their little feathers to fend off the cold which my coat, sweatshirt, gloves, and muffler can’t fully prevent.

Garry and colleagues – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong
Photo: Garry Armstrong

It makes me feel guilty and sad. We have so damaged their native habitat, this year I said “I have to help them. I can’t just watch them shiver and die from cold and starvation.” Being told to let “nature take her course” is a ridiculous statement after humans have done everything possible to make nature take OUR course, without regard for any other living creatures. whose lives we were dislocating or destroying.

Moving the cows – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong
Photo: Garry Armstrong

Now, I feed the birds and the squirrels and I am finding an enormous satisfaction in it. I watch them. I don’t always take pictures. Sometimes, I just watch them. I listen for them, too. Today I heard a loud “twee, twee, twee.” That means there is a Cardinal nearby. I didn’t see him, but I’m betting the other birds knew exactly where he was.

Photo: Marilyn Armstrong
Woman at work – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong

The little birds really are surprisingly protective of the feeders … something I didn’t anticipate.

Photo: Marilyn Armstrong

I suppose they feel threatened by the larger birds, though they shouldn’t. They eat different parts of the foods, too. They need to share it so everyone is healthy. It will serve them well.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

10 thoughts on “CEE’S FUN FOTO CHALLENGE: CANDID PEOPLE PICTURES – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Moving the cows reminds me of when I was a really young girl and my grandfather would take me with him when he walked the cattle to pasture in the morning and back again at night.
    You get so much pleasure from your bird feeder and just think of the good you are doing.


      1. I think they’ll be alright in the cold, Marilyn. feathers can keep you very warm. Food is the big issue for them at this time of year.


  2. I love candid photos. I loved candid camera. It was so much fun. It wouldn’t fly today, people are too self involved and serious and take shit personally. However, having said that, I hate the “prank” crap because it goes too far and there don’t seem to be boundaries regarding pranks and people pull dangerous stunts on others. With candid camera, it was lighthearted fun.


    1. I think my best portraits have always been candids. Posing for pictures changes a face, but a face captured while it is involved in some activity is a different face — more alive, more active. And more fun.


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