CARTOONS! – Marilyn Armstong

FOWC with Fandango — Cartoon

I love cartoons. I collect them, even when I don’t know what I’m going to do with them. But somehow, something always comes up. You can’t go wrong with a really well-drawn cartoon!

A lot of these are political. Been that kind of year or two. Some aren’t and I have SO many more, but I thought I’d quit while I’m (sort of) ahead!

Witch hunt?

Evacuate or not?

Chris Britt / Illinois Times


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15 thoughts on “CARTOONS! – Marilyn Armstong

  1. I love political cartoons and cartoons published in The New Yorker. Most of them make me chuckle and brighten my day. And my days need all the brightening they can get these days.

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  2. All funny. I get a monthly newspaper published out of Cleveland, OH, called, “The Funny Times” that is full of political cartoons. You’d probably love it!


      • Usually each issue has its regulars and over time I have my favorites, so I understand. You had a use for them today. You could do a cartoon day of the week or something?


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