FARM ANIMALS – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Farm Animals

The day we went out to see the farms down around the corner (so to speak being as there really aren’t many corners back there in farm country), we saw cows and chickens and horses.

But for me, the real piece of heaven were goats.

I love goats.

Two goats up on a hill

Goat on the Commons

More head-butting – Photo Marilyn Armstrong

More goats!

Devilish goat (but he only wanted something to eat …)

Just a note: We’re going to a party down on the cape and will be gone the rest of the day! But I’ll try to catch up when we get home, whenever that may be. Have a great day!

19 thoughts on “FARM ANIMALS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. My daughter has four small goats and they are fun! They have distinct personalities. She also has a mini horse. Fun to visit and play with the grandkids and grand mini horse. Love your photos. Great variety of goats.


  2. One of the main reasons why we bought this place was we were going to buy goats… then my health tanked. No goats for me. I love goats too.


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