A Photo a Week Challenge: The Things that Matter Most

There are quite a few more people who should have pictures than I have room for but suffice to say, I have forgotten no one.

It has been a hectic year, at end of which — Garry can hear. Our deck is full of birds. The Duke roams the woods at will. Short of rebuilding the fence, which is out of the question, I have to hope he’s not planning to go anywhere — like the road. He doesn’t go anywhere. Duke roams the front and backwoods, then jumps into the yard and come home for a treat. He’s been good, hasn’t he?

Garry and Dr. Remenschneider. When your doctor is not much older than your grandchild, you know you’ve put on a few years.
Chef Owen, master of turkey
Bonnie with Garry
The Duke
And let’s not forget the birds …

There’s not enough room to include all the friends and family and everything … but you are all remembered and loved!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

23 thoughts on “THE PEOPLE, PLACES, CRITTERS WHO MATTER … Marilyn Armstrong”

        1. Like we have a choice? I had a dream last night that I met someone who was going to give us a loan that would lower our mortgage, pay off all the credit cards, and leave us enough money to fix the house. Then I lost him somewhere in Jerusalem and I woke up screaming.

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            1. Oh I love the birds and the trees and the creatures in the woods. Even the coyotes and the bears and the deer and the hawks. But I wish the chimney wouldn’t fall down and those mushy wood places in the house are demoralizing. Anyway, we don’t have anywhere else to go.


  1. I’m most impressed with Bonnie’s eye brows…. 😉 Had to think long and hard to find out the details of who is carrying whom! And the doctor’s pic with Garry is priceless…. Oh and then there is the fab Chef!!! with a dress-sense of utmost genius! This made me smile HUGELY! 🙂
    All your beloved species of mankind and others including your cute (falling down) home shall be praised and are much loved by us too! You (and especially you!) included. Of course, a house in the middle of all this greenery, wood & damp, even with the paradise-like surrounding and all the birds and deers, IS a never ending worry but this can’t be helped – I do believe in miracles but you’ll have to buy the lottery tickets yourself.


    1. The doctor has a total baby face and he’s used to being teased about it. He is not as young as he looks, either. As for my son, he has never cared about what he wears. He was the worst dressed kid in elementary school. Stripes with plaid was typically his style.

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  2. Each picture tells a human (and four-legged) story. I just had part of the roof patched for an exorbitant amount of money so we don’t flood during the winter rains, and there are various other sections of this 80-year-old house that need tending to when we can afford it. My large gazebo collapsed with the last recent rain about a month ago, and it cost me a lot of money to have the remains hauled away. At least our houses have charm, Marilyn. That must be worth something!


  3. While admittedly it would be great living in a place that is not in imminent danger of dropping to bits, and better yet having a never-ending and sufficient money supply, you clearly have all that is needed for a great home! I was going to say and a happy life – but you really need your health for that, huh?

    On the plus side, you, your kids and grandkids are still here! 😉 And we are all thankful for that in blogland, that happiest of happy places. 🙂

    Hope your Winter Solstice celebrations are the most enjoyable yet and you get a nice present – hopefully the impeachment of the child in chief.

    I heard a Republican Senator today comparing Trump FAVOURABLY with Obama!!!? WTF? How much longer can it last?

    Like over here with our mob it seems your government’s greatest opposition and threat to it’s continued existence is itself? Britain seems to be something similar too, and France maybe? Any others?


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