We went to the dentist today.

What does that have to do with Christmas? Well, it happens that the dentist’s office is adjacent to the Mumford dam, river, and canal, so while Garry was waiting in the office — also very nicely decorated for the season — I went out and took pictures.

Welcome to the Mumford dam!

And welcome from the little snow guy!

I didn’t take any birdie pictures today. Two reasons. One was not much time since we were due at the dentist pretty early and because I picked up the camera and there was a big red sign in the middle of the screen which, according to MY eyes said ” White Product!”


More greetings standing next to the little canal and its locks.

One snowflake and the lock rivulet

It took me a few minutes to realize what it really said was “Write Protected.” It was an old chip and the little thingie that you use to set/unset write protection. Unfortunately, by the time I figured out that the SD card was dead, the squirrel I was trying to shoot had rambled off into the woods.

Reindeer, sleigh, snow guy, and a path.

Reindeer and dam

My eyes really need some help … like new glasses. And Garry has a broken tooth and no, we absolutely can’t afford a crown. Not on credit or for cash. We do not have the money and I also have to fix the chimney before it falls down on its own. That would be very bad.

More reindeer

Nonetheless, I got really nice pictures of the park all decorated for the holidays, not to mention the dentists waiting room which looks a lot better than my house.

Little bridge and locks over a tiny canal

I never got to see the dentist because I forgot to take my antibiotics. I have to take four HUGE antibiotics before getting my teeth worked on. Actually, I have to take a lot of antibiotics for a lot of things that could happen, but if I’m good, won’t happen. Supposedly.

Bridge over the Mumford River and one reindeer

So no new bird pictures, but I still have plenty of birdie shots awaiting first publication. Just saying.

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12 replies

  1. No snow and it looks rather charming there, Marilyn.

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  2. Lovely festive pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. And some very good photos. The Christmas decorations are very good. I also have had that message with my camera card when the little thingy at the side of the card has been moved, but I just push it back again

    Liked by 1 person

    • In this case, the little thingie had broken off entirely. There was no thingie to push, so I dumped the card and put in a new one. I’ve been buying batches of new SD cards lately because all of the ones I have were really a bit creaky with age. Now I have lots of new cards to break!

      The decorations are a very nice touch. We usually have nothing, but I guess someone decided to cheer up the town and I like it. Anything to brighten the place up. It gets very dreary this time of year.

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