WINTER SOLSTICE – Marilyn Armstrong


Why did it have to be raining? Why was today the day that every bone in my body hurts and some things which are arguably not bones, hurt too? The birds are outside rain and all.

They don’t expect a warm, dry house … and there’s a feeder to raid. I suppose, when you are a bird, a decent meal is about as good as it gets.

I know this means the season is turning again and days will get longer and ultimately, it will warm up. But not for a while. We have three long winter months to navigate and we’ve barely begun yet.

And meanwhile, at Stonehenge …

The bears have not gone into hibernation. Not cold enough yet? Too many trash cans to raid?

The sky is a leaden pale gray as the heavy rain falls. The dogs want nothing to do with outside. Snow is fun and everything else is okay too, but rain? No, thank you. Pass the biscuits. The sofa is home for now.

Winter Solstice – Sunrise – 2016

I have a doctor appointment. My right arm has taken to hurting a lot and won’t let me sleep. Nothing makes it any better. I think it may actually be a sign that my chest is beginning to heal, but why does it have to hurt so much?

It could be snowing. That would probably be worse, or at least, more complicated. We still have no one to plow the driveway and it’s a long, long road to the “real” road.

Winter has finally come, I suppose. I should be happier about it. I’m trying hard to find that happy place.

28 thoughts on “WINTER SOLSTICE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Hope you get some relief from your pain. The rain is incessant but since I’m driving to be with family tomorrow it’s better it’s not ice and snow. Dismal for sure.


  2. Sorry to hear about the shoulder. 😦 And the weather… If it was humanly possible i’d send over some of our Sunshine, we have WAY more than we need!!!

    This morning the first thing i did was walk around the garden trying to cover up my most precious plants from the blisteringly hot sun they were starting to receive – i used up all my shadecloth and resorted to breaking up cardboard boxes for protection!

    I’ll have a word or seventy with the Big G and see if he can’t do some sort of a sun swap deal with your rain?

    Which reminds me – over on the other side of Oz one town in Queensland had 680mm of rain in 24 hours this week – that’s over 26 inches in a single day. That’s almost my annual average.


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