I’ve been switching SD cards in my cameras lately. This is to avoid leaving my cameras without a card. I hate getting ready to shoot, then seeing the notice that “there is no memory in the camera.”

So imagine my surprise when I pulled out a card and it had previously unseen pictures from the last time we went shooting on Beacon Hill. And here they are, fresh from May 2015.

Arched doorway

Walking ladies going down the hill

Three views (also three different shots) of the building façade.

And just a couple more:

Another lovely doorway

A wider view of the façade

I love when I find “new” old pictures. I knew they were mine simply because I took a lot of shots of that façade. I loved the old curve of the door and matching curved windows.

Beacon Hill has some truly elegant old houses. An architecture photographers best place to be on a sunny spring day.

16 thoughts on “BEACON HILL – THE LOST PICTURES – Marilyn Armstrong

        • The people who live in these houses are SO out of our lifestyle. This is where John Kerry lives Rich people who are so rich you don’t even know their names live here. The only time you meet them is when the Red Sox win the world series … or I used to meet them when Garry was working and we got invited to “those” kinds of parties.

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        • Slmret, I had a friend — one of Boston’s iconic radio personalities from the 40’s and 50’s who had a lovely Beacon Hill home. A work colleague and I were invited over for an afternoon of kibitzing. A wonderful interior — paintings, antique furniture, pristine rugs and a sparkling clean kitchen. So very elegant.


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