RDP Saturday – White

White. I am not white because snow is white and I do not look anything like snow. The whites in my wash are not nearly white enough and anyway, it’s all racist. Everything needs to be neutral beige.

The sky has cleared. It was sort of white. Now it’s sort of blue with patchy puffs of white. It’s getting cold again and they think it might snow Christmas Day, but they don’t know anything anymore because the weather is refusing to behave itself.

Too many flakes

If you use super-duper Tide, your whites will be whiter than white. I know this because they said so on television, so it must be true.

May our Christmas be dusted with the lightest of fluffy white snow, but nothing deep enough to plow.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

26 thoughts on “TOO MANY FLAKES DOTH A GREAT WHITENESS MAKE – Marilyn Armstrong”

    WE JUST HEARD THAT IN SWITZERLAND WE WON’T HAVE A WHITE CHRISTMAS – BUT STRONG WINDS AND STORMS – ONLY RAIN, NO SNOW. DON’T KNOW WHETHER TO BE THANKFUL OR WISHING FOR A WHITE CHRISTMAS. SINCE WE WILL BE TRAVELLING A LOT, I TEND TO RATHER WISH FOR no snow – BUT I SHOULD ALSO BE THINKING OF THOSE WHO WANT TO SKI!!! I AM sorry about this business of caps; I write this on HH’s iPad and I can’t see what I’m writing as the typing doesn’t show up until I scroll up and ‘search for it’…..

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    1. Yes, we often DO have that much and more. So far, our biggest year was 120 inches, which topped even Maine where snow is their thing. It’s where we live and has to do with the lay of the hills and valleys and how the snow comes across the Worcester Hills, and as soon as the land drops, the clouds drop a TON of snow. Yet five miles away, they may not even have any snow. It’s weird, I know, but literally, it’s the lay of the land.

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  2. Brrrrrr. Bundle up warmly IF you have to venture out in that stuff. We got a substantial dusting last night, but it’s mostly all melted off now. Colder than blue gophers (how’s that for politically correct?) so it won’t be snowing again in the near future I’m betting. OR I’m re-catching the cold/flu combo. Nah. That’s just wrong. I say I’m “white” because white is a color TOO and racism can cut both (or in a myriad of ways)…but actually I’m more a pale peach color. White is the color of my hair. At least I blend! Happy Holidays Marilyn! May your days be merry AND bright!


    1. My granddaughter, from an early age, got pissed off about “black” and “white.” She pointed out that Garry was NOT black and she was NOT white and we are all some shade of beige and we should just shut up about it.

      She was 8. She was also right.

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  3. As you may be aware, we have had some astounding storms and damage and although it also threatened to snow, it hasn’t. Last year at this time, we had the amount of snow you have pictured (nearly). Thankfully it hasn’t snowed but it’s cold enough it could. Let’s hope not! This is one “white christmas” with the issues and storms we’re having, I’d rather avoid. shocking, isn’t it?! lol


    1. We’ve been getting cold weather and then a couple of warmer days. All the precipitation fell on the warm days, so except for the one snow we had before Thanksgiving, we haven’t had any. Weather has been so freaky, maybe we won’t get any. Wouldn’t that be nice, just for a change?


    1. So far, so good. The year we got to January 29 without ANY snow, we thought we were “home free.” Between January 30th and March 15th, 120 inches — that’s just short of 3 meters of snow — fell in 6 weeks. We had blizzard after blizzard. We barely got one cleaned up before the next one hit. So around here, we never assume winter is over until it’s full summer.

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  4. Two years ago we’d been under a meter (3 feet) of snow for a month by now. (the previous winters had delivered a few centimeters at most) Last year all we got was rain. This year we’ve had windstorms and a chinook, (a sudden increase in temperature) so far … the next climate change denier I come across I’m going to punch in the face.


  5. Snow is about the only thing we haven’t had in Australia recently. The eastern states including the northern part of Tasmania have had rain, hail and thunderstorms recently. It’s been particularly bad in Sydney where the airport has been closed because of bad weather at least 3 times this month and they just had a monster hail storm. Queensland has also had wild weather. These extreme weather events are getting way more frequent and yet the politicians still refuse to admit that climate change is real.
    Christmas Eve in Tasmania will be warm, between 28-30 over most of the state I think but cooler for Christmas Day which is a good thing when you are planning a roast for lunch.


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