BIRDS GETTING CUTER – Marilyn Armstrong

I looked out the back door and finally — a Cardinal! I’ve been waiting for him to show up. He used to be a regular in my hedge every winter and finally, there he was sitting on the railing.


He wasn’t fully convinced about the whole feeder arrangement and was eying it up. I was eying him up while quietly opening my camera.

It wouldn’t focus. No matter what I did.

Nuthatch on the rail

I finally realized I’d turned off the little clicker on the lens for AutoFocus. I wish they wouldn’t put little tiny buttons on the lens where you can accidentally move them and not even know you did it. After I got it set to focus, I also realized it was set to the wrong setting. I probably moved the ring when I put the camera away.

I put it back where it belonged … which is when I realized the flashing red symbol in my viewfinder was my camera letting me know the battery was about to die.

Cute little Titmouse

By the time I got the new battery inserted, the Cardinal had long since done whatever he was planning to do and flown away. I could have taken a picture of where he had previously been, but I didn’t.

Tufted Titmouse in cute mode

I did take a few pictures. Nothing unusual. In fact, you could say this was a lineup of “the usual suspects.”

Hungry little birdies

One of the better parts of taking so many bird pictures is that these days, I can wait until they do something cute. I know the birds will be back and if I don’t take pictures today, I will find something to shoot tomorrow.

Same Nuthatch, ready for a meal

And, as the weather gets colder, I figure we’ll have a few more suspects lining up. You think?

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8 replies

  1. Darned those batteries…..the birds are definitely getting cuter.


  2. Cardinals are about the only non-blackbirds I ever see around here… or at least that I can quickly identify. I have a few pictures of them hopelessly buried somewhere in my squirrel photo archives. They may be more common here though since about half of the Midwestern states have designated the cardinal as their state bird (including my Illinois)…


    • Cardinals are THE easier bird to spot — among the smaller birds, anyhow. I see a flash of red and my head zips over. Only one cardinal will live on your land. If there are two, the boys (the really red ones — the girls are reddish with more subdued other colors) duke it out. It’s like watching Spitfires redoing WWII.


  3. You’ll get to take its picture tomorrow. Meanwhile the ones you photographed are cute and definitely chubby! 😃


  4. It’s good to have a choice. Inhave never even seen a cardinal


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