So here it is, the day after Christmas. Boxing Day, I do believe, which probably means I should put away the gifts lying around and move on into the (hopefully better) New Year.

Sadly, I cannot move much.

I have finally concluded that my right arm is — among other things — suffering from terminal Repetitive Motion Injury — or to put it another way, too many hours on the computer.

For once, I can’t blame it all on too much writing.  Rather, it is an excessive volume of photographs. Too many birds and squirrels. Too many hours spent moving a mouse. Too many tiny controlled movements in the right arm and wrist without enough “big muscle” activity to balance it.

The shot helped, but now, the time has come to help myself. This is not easy, but I’m declaring myself on vacation at least for a few days.

For me, not writing for that long is more than slightly traumatic, but if I don’t give my wrist and arm a vacation, it’s will get worse. Since this is one of the few things I can control, I need to do it. I will try to at least add comments for the day, but that’s about it. I have not written any posts for the rest of the week so others will have to post or it’s going to be a bit empty around here.

C’est la vie.

I can post a picture here and there — the ones I’ve already processed — but that’s going to be that.

Meanwhile, my son is in the hospital and won’t be able to do the things he usually does for me, so we are going to be more or less on our own for at least a few weeks while he heals up. It will be interesting to see if we can change the feed in the bird feeder. It’s so easy when you are tall and so difficult when you are not.

Junco with two Warblers

I knew the truth of it yesterday when I moved my wrist and a pain shot up my arm. This was in addition to the pain coming down my arm from the shoulder. Given how many years I’ve been using arms and wrists in a way that is not natural to humans, I’m surprised they have lasted this long. Probably a lot of strong muscles from all those years of learning piano. I had very strong wrists. Arthritis I could not do anything to stop, but the muscles have done an amazing job through all these years of keyboarding.

I’ll try to find things of interest to re-blog and see if any of my co-writers can come out of their Christmas caves to write an extra piece here and there, but as for me — I need that break. Apologies in advance to all and sundry.

Let’s call it a caricature of a long-standing tradition. 

30 thoughts on “CARICATURE OF A LONG-STANDING TRADITION? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I seem to have missed a lot of your posts in the last week. Hope you get better soon. Take a rest and let your arm heal. Happy New Year to you.


  2. I also add – as everybody here did already – you NEED to take the time off your body needs to get a bit better…. I had what we call ‘tennis arm’ several times although I never played tennis for a minute…. You have ‘squirrel arm’ – so avoid doing the feeding and since you also have ‘computer wrists’, you gotta be extra careful. Meanwhile, the squirrel cheekily watching you through the branches of the tree is priceless – it knows about your ‘squirrel arm’ and wants you to ignore it – don’t listen to it!!!! 😉
    Wishing you speedy recovery and a few days of peace – and you don’t have to reply!!!


  3. I’m sorry to hear you are having this trouble. I guess all the extra bird and squirrel photos were the last straw. I have had pain in my arm and shoulder a couple of times which I put down to excessive computer use but isn’t it so hard to back off when you have things you want to write about and pictures to post? However, when you must you must. Please be very careful refilling the bird feeder. I know you had a tough time with it the other week and neither of you needs a fall. Have a good rest and catch up in the New Year.


  4. Marilyn, So sorry to hear of your plight. Take some time off to get better, spend time with your loved ones at this time of year, that’s what it’s all about anyway. Your son will recover with your help and it won’t be long before he can change the feed in the bird feeder for you again. The birds will survive in the meantime, so don’t worry. If you need more support you should ask for it. Not on here as it will make the pain worse, but ask neighbours and friends to help, you’ll be surprised how many are only too eager to help out at this time of year.


  5. Poor you. I have had the computer wrist and arm when I was working. I got an ergometric mouse pad which helped a little but if you suffer from rheumatics it does not help very much, and unfortunately the only solution is to let is rest for a while. I am sorry to here that your son is recovering in hospital. I know how it is when you have someone that you can rely on. That is what I miss most of all with Mr. Swiss. The little things he took care of and no longer can. Today. or lately, I have realised what a wonder of mechanics my autistic son is. He just knows how to fix things. It seems to be a sixth sense he has and I am so glad.

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    • Owen will be okay — but he won’t be able to lift ANY weight at all for at least a month. It’s a long-standing issue that he finally had to take care of and at least his boss gave him the time off with pay so he could get it done. He’ll just have to be very careful while everything heals and we need to get a lot taller in the meantime. Except I think we are shrinking. Yes, I need to give the arm a rest, even if it’s just a couple of days.

      So fortunate to have someone who knows how to fix things! Owen always could fix things, too. Garry, not so much. Okay. Not at all.

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