A DAILY MIRACLE – Marilyn Armstrong

Dawn of a new day, as indeed it must

Every dawn is a little miracle. An expected miracle. We know there will be dawn because there is always dawn and then sunrise, right? So, let’s go with the expected.

The sun will rise and the earth will turn because it always has and that’s the way we like it.

Sunrise over the ocean in Ogunquit, Maine – About five in the morning

Thus we greet the day.

39 thoughts on “A DAILY MIRACLE – Marilyn Armstrong

          • Well……………I also have a smaller camera in my backpack just in case of the battery going flat. My phone camera is for when I don’t have either but I am not very good with that yet


            • I’ve used my phone just once as a camera because I was at a wedding, so I had no thought of taking pictures. But there I was on the 66th floor of a building on the wharf in Boston. The view was breathtaking. Not a great camera in that phone — and I’m not really good at using it, either, but I had to shoot the scene. It was made even more difficult because I was shooting through glass and the sun was refracting all over it. I only had an evening purse, so the only thing I had was the cell. I don’t like shooting on a phone. I like the control I get with a camera.

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  1. Unless you have low cloud coverage as we have had for the past week. If w3 go higher we get the sun. It is an interesting experience crossing the border between clouds and sun


    • I got lucky for a couple of these sunrises. I had JUST enough cloud cover to make reflections, but not too much to hide the sun. It is an interesting experience. You need exactly the right amount of each AND you need the sun to have some real color. Sometimes, everything is perfect … except the sun is pale yellow and there’s no reflection from the clouds. I always consider it lucky to get a great sunrise or sunset. Truly, it’s less art than it is being in the right place at the right moment!

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      • I think you need all three as you have demonstrated so fabulously here . . .the artistic eye, the right place and the right moment. I was out with someone the other day and are shots are so different despite us both having the last two!!!


        • I always tell people that my sunrises and sunsets are as much luck as art because they are. True, you need an eye to get it to look the way it should and some software, too … but the gods make the picture. You’re just there to show it to everyone else. I was VERY lucky on this one. I had no way to know if it was going to be brilliant or blah. I just hoped!

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