Birds eat on time IF I fill the buffet

Birds know what time it is. They don’t wear watches, but they know. Breakfast and dawn come together. Lunch when the sun is high in the sky and dinner before nightfall.

It’s good that at least one mealtime falls during my awake time! And as long as I can get to the bird feeder, the buffet will be open. I promised the birds.

Titmouse on the square – Buffet lunch!
Squared Chickadee and Warbler – The buffet is open for business.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

14 thoughts on “BIRDS EAT ON TIME IF THE BUFFET IS OPEN – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. We filled the feeder today and now there is a whirlwind of birds. The just KNOW when you are going to fill it. We’re on a Wednesday-Sunday schedule. Garry asked why I didn’t fill it daily and I laughed. He hasn’t had to buy birdseed yet!

      Garry also didn’t understand how come it was so messy. I said not to worry, they eat the mess. All those spilled seeds get eaten by the “walkers” — the Juncos and the Mourning Doves are busy on the deck and the railing. And who knows what’s going to grow out back from fallen seeds? We’ve dropped so many it should be quite a jungle back there.


  1. I REALLY HOPE that some kind soul is offering you that tripod! Your birds’ photos are stellar and if watching them gives you so much joy you should get that tripod! I haven’t put up bird food yet as the weather has been kind and I thought the little ones would still be able to take their pick from the grounds but now I fear that I’ve missed the slot where they stay because no tables were filled so far. Can’t seem to win!
    Here, the mess doesn’t get picked up – I had, this year, seedlings growing of all kinds of stuff I never planned, such as corn, other grains, sunflowers, stubbern strong grass, and more…. Must have the wrong sort of birds, the ones who don’t care for a proper dining room


    1. So far, no tripod, so I’ll just have to save money and get one. But there are other bills that come first, so it’s going to wait awhile — unless I find one in a second-hand store. Everyone who had one already got rid of it. Birds always find the food, even if it takes a while. They just smell it 😀


  2. In absence of a feeder that is accessible to squirrels, I’m currently putting the feed in the empty birdbath near my tree. It didn’t take long to catch one of my squirrels in it, but he took off as soon as I opened the window to take a picture. I aim to get some kind of flat feeder I can hang off the hook I take in the tree, but apparently I’m going to have to expand my shopping past my employer to get one since our feeders are all designed exclusively for birds…


    1. I found the flat feeder on Amazon. I think it was called ‘Nature’s Place’ or something like that. It’s really just a box with a screened bottom, but the squirrels love it. So do some of the birds, but when the squirrel is settled in it, the birds get a little cranky and move on to the other feeder. There’s enough for everyone. No fighting, children.


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