I can’t believe the year’s ending. Didn’t it just start?

The last time I remember anything, it was November and we were visiting Tom and Ellin in Connecticut. We came home in the snow … and we haven’t seen anything but a few flurries since. I twirled around twice and it was Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and now … almost New Year’s Eve.

We don’t do anything for New Year’s Eve. Not only is the weather always bad, but the roads are full of drunks … and these days, drunks who are also texting. This is the holiday on which neither of us will drive.

Blue-eyed cat in the barn

Well, honestly? I don’t like traveling on any holiday. One year it took us 14 hours to drive home from Philadelphia — which is normally about a five-hour drive. The only way to be away on a holiday is to leave at least a week before the holiday and come back at least a week after the holiday is over.

I digress. Time for me to post all the square pictures I have made that I never got around to posting.

Square traffic – talk about wasted time!

I can’t even think of a time-related thing for everything, but everything has a time, right? There’s the time you took the picture. The time you needed to process it. The extra time you needed to fix it because you over-processed it and you had to start again.

The time it takes me to process pictures often takes an entire day. Or two.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

14 thoughts on “HOLY MOLY – THE YEAR IS ENDING! Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Like you we don’t do anything for NYE, although this year as the fireworks will be happening at the other end of the building I might just walk out onto the balcony . . . no traffic, and no drunks texting on that journey 😁


        1. That cat is a beauty.
          This year certainly sped by with way too much time spent on the world of Donzo.
          Here’s to a better ‘19 for all of us who have survived.


  2. I stay him, listen to the fireworks around the neighborhood and watch the ball drop on tv.
    Have a good year. Each new one passes more quickly.


  3. I would love to see the Hobart fireworks on the waterfront. I never have because as you say it is a bad time to be on the roads and even when he was well it would have been too much for David standing around all evening. I probably couldn’t do it either now. Getting drunk on New Year’s Eve has never appealed to me and as I don’t enjoy modern music staying out for a concert is no fun either. I do stay up though. I couldn’t go to bed before midnight on New Year’s Eve. I’m not discontented by that as I gave up on New Year celebrations many years ago. If I won the lotto I would, just once, get a room in the hotel on the waterfront and sit on the balcony to enjoy the fireworks.

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