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By now you are expected to have a good response. So what is it? What are you doing? Certainly, your friends have been asking and you must have something interesting to say. Unless you are under 18 or over 80, you do not get a pass on this one. So, what’s it going to be? Party? Dinner and dancing? Will you be outside watching fireworks or in where it is warm? If you are in Florida or Arizona, I guess you could be outside watching fireworks where it is warm.

Happy New Year!

Since there seem to be so many different things to do, the question might actually be more or less logical. Restaurants, bars, and hotel ballrooms all have some sort of package deal. There are shows and concerts of every type. Whether you are in a big city or a small town, plans for the celebration abound.

For some strange reason, everyone is expected to have a plan.

One year, when downtown Chicago still had a glut of movie theaters, I was on a double date at a late showing of a movie that finished up just before midnight. I do remember which movie, but not the date. We had just enough time to empty out into the intersection of State Street (that great street) and Randolph where Chicago used to conduct a poor man’s version of the final countdown. Since it was quite cold and we were not loaded with anti-freeze, we stayed for the countdown and ran off for warmer places. It was an experience I do not need again. If I watch the ball drop in Times Square, it will be on television from another locale.

Since then I have ventured to house parties, bar parties, restaurants, and shows, but I am not sure any of these supposed grand events were particularly memorable. They certainly did not ring out like many of the grand events we see in the movies. If you missed all of them, then I will suggest that you put “movies with new year’s eve scenes” in your internet search so you can find a lot of them. Maybe you will get some cool ideas.

Since the death of one year and the dawn of another seem to evoke feelings of nostalgia, then you may know that “When Harry Met Sally” contains one of the most memorable and nostalgic New Year’s scenes of all. Indeed it is the climax of the “will he or won’t he?” scenario. It has all led up to one fateful New Year’s Eve moment.  The typical New Year’s Eve hoopla only adds to the drama of the moment.  (SPOILER ALERT). I love making dramatic “spoiler” pronouncements, and here is that great scene from one of our favorite movies.

The director of the movie needed no special music as “Auld Lang Syne” made the perfect background song. And what does this sentimental tune actually mean? We don’t know, something about goodbye and hello. It doesn’t matter, our sentimental feeling just associates with it and that is all that counts. So will you have a sentimental moment?

For some gentlemen, the coming of New Year’s is met with all the anxiety of asking someone to the high school prom. You know you are supposed to do something. You know it is supposed to be really good. You know it is going to cost you money, which you are not supposed to care about. You also know, just like the high school prom, you might get shot down when you ask the “jackpot question.” Unless you want to get teased by family and friends, you may just have to ask the question anyway.

Ooh, but in case I stand one little chance
Here comes the jackpot question in advance:
What are you doing New Year’s
New Year’s Eve?

Did you ask yet? What was the answer? If you haven’t asked, what are you waiting for?

Seth MacFarlane is the creator of Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show and stars in “The Orville.”

Author: Rich Paschall

When the Windows Live Spaces were closed and our sites were sent to Word Press, I thought I might actually write a regular column. A couple years ago I finally decided to try out a weekly entry for a year and published something every Sunday as well as a few other dates. I reached that goal and continued on. I hope you find them interesting. They are my Sunday Night Blog. Thanks to the support of Marilyn Armstrong you may find me from time to time on her blog space, SERENDIPITY. Rich Paschall Education: DePaul University, Northeastern Illinois University Employment: Air freight professional

24 thoughts on “SO, HOW ABOUT NEW YEAR’S EVE? – Rich Paschall”

  1. We won’t drive on New Year’s Eve. When we lived in Boston, we were walking distance from most things because we lived in the middle of the city. It’s all the drunks on the road and the inevitable terrible weather. This year, they are expecting heavy rain. And cold. these days, the drunks are also trying to text. It’s a really good time to stay home. And if you are so inclined, drink a little bubbly and watch the ball drop in Time’s Square.

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      1. I’ve done the Times Square New Years Eve thing a couple of times — years ago when I could appreciate the celebrated romance of the scene. Alas, it was cold, wall to wall people seemingly all with bad breath. When I thought I spotted my “Shirley MacLaine”, she was a cross-eyed Lady wino. Romance, shomance, Blah. Oh, never wear good shoes. You cannot imagine how vile the sidewalks of Times Square are on New Year’s Eve.
        I don’t have any romantic New Year’s Eve stories to share.
        It’ll be a cozy, home with Marilyn and the 3 dogs. When I try to cuddle up and kiss Marilyn to celebrate the New Year, Duke get jealous and tries to horn in. Funny but not romantic.
        A toast to all of us who’ve survived this bizarro year and here’s to a New year of good health, cheer and sanity.

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      1. Leslie, we are doing our ritual viewing of “It’s A wonderful Life”. Always so enjoyable. Marilyn and I will play kissy-poo as they countdown to the New Year. I hope Duke doesn’t try to jump between us. He is so jealous. happy New Year, Leslie.

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  2. There’s a very sedate (I’m betting) church party up the canyon east of here. I’m not sure I want to drive, even though drunks are not thick on the road ’round here. The DEER don’t give a fig if it’s New Year’s Eve and if someone is hopped up on egg nog (told you – the party will be sedate). I may just stay home and sleep through it all. It’s been that kind of year. Now the question is do I want 2019 to be the same way? Still thinking about that.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh it’s possible some wit(less) person will try to slip some rum in there. It’s been snowing the past two days, so I’m staying home. I HATE driving in the snow and for whatever reason the organizers scheduled the thing in a small town up in the mountain. Snow + mountain roads + deer + possibly slightly snogged individuals (most of whom are over 65 ((no offense Marilyn or Garry…)) = disaster waiting to happen. I’ll pass.

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  3. We’re home, snuggled under a blanket on the couch watching the Times Square ball drop. Some of the neighbors set off firecrackers, but it’s mostly quiet. Then, it’s bed time. This year, I am hoping for some magic to make the New Year give power to the new House of Representatives to provide us with a saner administration that can change Trump into a human being.

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  4. I must know a lot of very boring people, most of them spend December complaining about Christmas and go to bed by 9 pm on New Year’s Eve. I don’t party myself but I like to stay up for New Year’s Eve. I want that “out with the old and in with the new” feeling of a clean slate to start the new year with. The hope that next year things will be better.

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