Last night I dreamed about chickens.

It looked a lot like it does around here. A bit hilly. Lots of trees. There was a movie star living in the house. She was supposed to be young, but her skin looked like the bottom of an old leather suitcase and was a trifle orange. She was going back to California where she believed she would be better off.


That left me with 200 chickens. The fowl were arriving (shortly) by truck. Healthy, young, hens and roosters. Enough to start a nice little chicken farm.

Except I didn’t want to be a chicken farmer and I was pretty sure, neither did Garry. I couldn’t just leave the chickens to die of hunger, thirst, and cold. I’m a responsible person and I love animals. Even chickens.

Chickens don’t get lost

I was still baffled over the whole chicken conundrum when I finally gave up, opened my eyes, and began my day. Coffee would banish chickens. Garry said it was from a movie we’d seen and I was caught in an old movie loop.

Sometimes, the absolutely best storyteller in the world has got to be my subconscious. I would never consider creating a story involving me and chickens.

Author Gordon Winter, Garry and chickens

Author Gordon Winter, Garry, and chickens

Not counting authors since this prompt doesn’t concern that … who tells great stories?

Garry tells wonderful stories. He makes us laugh. I don’t know if the story is true or maybe just a little true, but whatever, it is great entertainment. Tom tells great stories too and he usually has a good closing line, which is probably my biggest story-telling issue. I can tell a good story but I run on too long and am not good at wrapping it up. I’m good for the yarn’s first three-quarters.

Story-telling is the glue that makes friends want to hang out with each other. If you can keep the crowd laughing, you’ll never be alone.

It’s not booze, movies, or video games. Certainly not texting. It’s stories. The tales of our experiences, things we remember, times and places and people we’ve known.

Photo: Ben Taylor

I keep wondering what people will do when they realize you can’t live forever with just a cell phone? They don’t seem to have a clue about having conversations or telling stories. From whence will their stories emerge?

Our stories are our personal mythology. Will our children and grandchildren have stories? Or anyone to tell them?

It worries me. It really does.

25 thoughts on “DREAMING ABOUT CHICKENS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I probably write my stories better than I tell them. Will there be stories in the future? I suppose so but maybe not as we know them. When people are sharing their experiences live online or on the phone, it would be a sort of continuous feed but will they go back to the good ones? I don’t know. Maybe it will all be recorded for future generations if they care what the old folk did.


    • I think we’re going to see more people spending more time in the real world, at least the young ones. I think — just from watching — that they aren’t happy with the electronic world they have built and are looking for other choices. I have a feeling they are about to discover reality.

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  2. Unbeknownst to us, we had a neighbour who was raising chickens in his back yard. They have changed some of the bylaws so that this is now legal. Imagine the fresh eggs….. 😉


    • We live in a rural area, so we could have anything from chickens to cows and horses. But the land isn’t really good for it. We have very little flat area. I thought a couple of miniature goats would have been nice, but with the three dogs, well … it might be a bit much.

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  3. Wonderful post. I only wish more people would read this. Digest it. Handle their lives accordingly. I‘m a great story teller…. I should know.


  4. I’m sure the youth of today will tell their descendants about the time they got so bored with their phones that they found the nearest Mecca that was still open late at night and threw all the pillows in the bedding department all over the place, raced the scooters around the store like bumper cars, or picked up the phone and made random pages of associates to come to certain aisles (without being able to do so without giggling). They will have stories to tell. Whether they tell them the way we do or in some weird futuristic Zager and Evans inspired way…. who knows?


    • I think the phones are already becoming less an addiction than a tool. I’ve been reading that the sale of phones has probably peaked — as have prices. A lot of people are not willing to spend that much money. I’m certainly not. And despite how many people use their phones for many things, as many people DON’T use their phone very much at all. I think if we watch we’ll see big changes in prices and the kinds of phones which are available … and who buys them.


  5. A good storyteller could probably make you dream about chickens! 🙂

    Story-telling is Primal. It’s the second oldest form of communication between humans after the grunt. After the apocalypse it will again be the prime way humans communicate and hang out together.

    There have always been more people who listen to stories than tell a good one, however now with all the billions of people, there are just more people who listen and possibly less who tell them – apart from here in blogworld, of course. 😉

    I would not worry too much, good story-tellers will always be in demand and the demand will create more good story-tellers. 😉 The only issue might be that we evolve to listen to them electronically rather than by sitting round the fireside. Connected across vast distances, and not as a single group in one ‘up close and personal’ location.


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