The Last of the Last of the Cactus Flowers
FOTD – 1/10/2019

And these are the last of the pictures of the second of the Christmas Cactus. With a little luck, it will bloom again in the spring.

Meanwhile, the Christmas Cactus needs to sleep for a while. It must rest until it’s ready to bloom again. That’s the way of all plants, including cactus.

Macro Cactus Flower

Rose framed flower

The last of the last

13 thoughts on “THE LAST OF THE LAST OF THE CACTUS FLOWERS – Marilyn Armstrong

    • They finished yesterday. The last two blossoms simply wrinkled up and are gone. I got a lot of weeks from them, but it ended in a hurry. I watered them — though they were dust dry. and I thought if I pushed them any harder they’d probably die. There’s a balance between pushing growth — and killing them. I decided to not kill them. I knew watering them would probably end the blooming, but you have to know when enough is enough.


    • I really do practice benign neglect. I’m a big fan of NOT watering flowers until the really need it. Outside is a different issue because a plant in the soil has lots of drainage and water doesn’t build up and turn the soil to mud. But potted plants have very limited drainage and things like cactus need to be dry more than wet.

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      • I have the ‘advantage’ that most of my pot plants live outdoors in sun and heat that can at times exceed 50C! Muddy soil is not a problem i have! 😉


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