FOWC with Fandango — Instrumental I started learning the piano when I was four. I was so tiny, I couldn't reach the pedals. They had to add blocks -- like on an old-fashioned bicycle -- so I could use them. By the time I was 10 or 11, I played pretty well. Not as well as … Continue reading INSTRUMENTAL AND PERFORMANCE – Marilyn Armstrong

MEMORIAL HALLS – Marilyn Armstrong

Every night, I fill up my glass with juice, grab my bag of medications, pet the puppies, and hike the hallway to the bedroom at the other end of the house. After arriving, I put the bag where it belongs. Adjust the bed to its TV viewing angle. Turn on the television. He watches with headphones while I … Continue reading MEMORIAL HALLS – Marilyn Armstrong


In just about a month, baseball's "spring training" begins for 2019. It's earlier than usual this year. Garry explained that the Red Sox were playing the Yankees in London, so the season was starting early. What? They are doing what and where? So, in honor of the upcoming season, a little remembrance of baseball seasons … Continue reading BRANDING THE AMERICAN PASTIME – Marilyn Armstrong