STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE! – Marilyn Armstrong

I think it’s time for us to consider a general strike. With 800,000 people working for free — which someone recently pointed out is actually slavery — it looks like time for every worker in the country to put down his or her tools — and walk away. Some urgent services would have to support skeleton crews — doctors, nurses, firefighters … but the rest?

United Kingdom – 2016

Pilots and cops and maybe robbers too … just stop. Whatever you are doing, don’t. Don’t work in a bank or a real estate office. Don’t be a judge and don’t be a lawyer. If there are no judges, you won’t need the lawyers. If there are no police, you don’t need jailers. Or jails.

Winnipeg General Strike – 1919

You want a REAL government shutdown? We can do that.

And meanwhile, in Brazil …

Let’s shut it down. If NO ONE works I can pretty much guarantee we’ll have a settlement really fast — as in pretty much immediately. As a matter of fact, everyone in the government can go home, too, including the Secret Service.

Let’s see how that works at the White House.

21 thoughts on “STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE! – Marilyn Armstrong

    • They’ve done it in a lot of countries and yes, it is VERY effective. Short of an actual revolution, it give “the government” a real taste of the power of the people when they get made enough. I think this country is too big to get it done. It works better in smaller units — city by city.


  1. I keep out of American politics, because I cannot judge the situation so well, not living under the international idiot called a president, but a very good idea: perhaps an effective one.


      • He’s REALLY pushing the page now w/ the shutdown. So many families who do NOT have deep pockets are now struggling. the GOP better take care of their constituents (end the shutdown and tell Trump to back off) or they’ll be dog meat in ’20.
        As I write, Donzo is blaming the Dems for the shutdown and its collateral damage that he said HE would own. How much more chaos will the GOP allow Trump to cause?? He’s just pulled military aircraft for Pelosi’s visit to mideast war zones. It’s more schoolyard bully tactics. The bully needs to be reprimanded.


  2. I am so with you on this post! And you are spot on with how fast it would be resolved if the people who are actually responsible for the suffering of nearly a million families actually had to share in that suffering.

    I was wondering last week what had happened to the power of Unions in America??

    If it was even possible to do here in Australia what Trump and the Democrats (who actually has the power to ‘close’/re-open the ‘government’ by the way? Who’s actually to blame for this debacle?) are doing to your country then our public service unions and several other affiliated groups would be striking in support long before it got to this stage and a general strike may well be called for.

    And can you, or anyone else, please tell me just exactly how the laying off or forcing a million people to work for no wage actually helps whoever it was that caused this in the first place to achieve what they are hoping to achieve??

    From over here it seems as logical as shutting down an airport in order to build a better bridge? Just what is the connection? How does it help anything?



    • The President has to sign off on the budget OR congress has to have enough power to override his veto. Congress doesn’t have enough votes to do that. This one is on the president because he has rejected several proposals to reopen the government and won’t do it if he doesn’t get his own way. It really IS like a little kid who wants that toy and won’t stop screaming and crying until he gets it. This is no way to run a country … or raise a kid.

      Essentially, Trump is holding the government and its employees hostage to get his wall. It’s ugly and it’s cruel and if he wins, politics will NEVER be the same unless they change the law.

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      • So basically then Trump is prepared to put the lives of nearly a million US families on the line purely in the hope that the Democrats’ sense of duty to those families and their sense of ‘fair play’ overrides their will to uphold the policy on immigration and border protection?? (ie No Wall?)

        I’m not sure what is worse… that he would do that to those people or that all Americans would not shout the lunatic down and demand he ‘frees the hostages’ he has taken out of spite.

        DEFINITELY no way to run even a banana republic let alone the most powerful nation in the ‘free’ world. :-X


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