Just in case we were considering the earth might REALLY be flat.


The Ancient Greeks concluded Earth was a sphere, and it has been validated by scientists ever since. Despite this, there are people that insist the Earth is flat.

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  1. Some people will believe anything… Talk about FAKE NEWS!


  2. what convinces you earth is curved and moving?


    • I have a real problem with people who never question anything.


      • I have a HUGE problem with people who don’t accept facts or truth and always think there must be a cabal. For them, reality isn’t real. I don’t know what — if anything — they believe IS real. I don’t know about questioning, but I double and triple check everything that is checkable. If it isn’t pure opinion, I check it.


    • The total lack of any Credible alternative that fits ALL known facts (Such as the Southern Pole, both terrestrial and Astronomical, the circular shape of Antarctica with the south pole located at it’s geographic centre, the FACT that i can currently see the Sun rise and set South of a due East/West line which is an impossibility according to all known ‘flat earth’ schematic diagrams since i am ‘outside of the furthest arc the sun can ever make over a ‘flat’ earth(below 30 degrees South latitude). The fact that my sun makes the inverse arc to the earth and horizon that yours does in the Northern hemisphere, The Moon passing between the Earth and the Sun as seen during a lunar eclipse AND the Earth passing between the Sun and the Moon as seen during a lunar eclipse, just seen, etc, etc, etc.

      Sorry Marilyn, i just had to reply – it really bugs me when Dogma tries to override self-observable fact and gets away with it because people don’t put in the effort to understand fully.


      • I understand you want all facts explained in one physical system. However it is also a fact that the official standard model of physics has deficiencies and can’t explain all known facts. Therefore the goal of a single model explaining all facts is not a goal that mainstream physics has attained.

        I see how the path of the sun, the southern cross, and lunar and solar eclipses convince you earth is a globe, but I don’t see how the fact of curvature or motion of earth is established.

        How are you convinced curvature and motion of earth exist?

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        • Well, that’s why they call them “theories” because you can’t stand in space, unmoving, and watch. But I think we’ve done pretty well with the whole flat earth thing. Flying around the world, not to MENTION sailing around it are pretty good hints that I suspect most of us accept. It’s kind of like the theory that the sun will rise in the east in the morning. It’s just a theory. The earth COULD reverse and everything could suddenly go the other way, but I somehow don’t think so. Call me a crazy person, but I think things that are established, understood and taken as facts for many long years and upon which many other accepted facts have been based are probably true.

          And then, there’s this scene from “Inherit the Wind.” Always a movie worth watching, even if you’ve seen it before.


        • Please permit me to correct one assumption you made – i don’t ‘want’ ALL facts explained in one physical system.

          I admit i think it would be nice if there was one GUT which unified Everything but we don’t have one yet and may never – who knows?

          Where certain facts however do not contradict one another and can lead to the discovery of other factual interpretations of currently (or previously) unknown events then i see a benefit in tieing them together in one ‘physical’, to use your word, system.

          Logic therefore tells me that the evidences mathematics and science has developed to confirm we live on a globe and not a flat plane determines that the earth has a curvature and also travels in a curved ( elliptical) path around the solar system’s centre of mass (closely approximated by the Sun).

          The successful operation of satellites including the Sputnik Russian first man-made satellite, the Gemini and Apollo missions, the ISS space station, GPS geo synchronous sattelite system and many others confirm to me the logically concluded fact of our motion in space (or if you prefer – the entire remaining part of the Universe’s motion ‘about’ our planet – it is effectively the same thing just a different viewpoint) even though i may not directly experience it any more than you could directly experience the motion of a jet plane travelling at over 600 miles per hour over the ocean at nighttime.

          All motion is relative to our own reference frame.

          The Earth just so happens to be a moving one (ref. frame) that we are moving in harmony with.

          Thank you for your curiosity/polite question.


          • Thank you for replying and clearing up my question.

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            • I had an insight this morning on the subject of latitude and longitude – the lines that exist only on maps representing the surface of the Earth but which all those who travel long distances use and have confirmed to be an accurate representation of location, whatever one’s individual belief.

              The insight was this: A line of Longitude – the spokes spreading ‘out’ from the North Pole represent all the points on the surface of our planet where the Sun is either setting or rising AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME OF THE DAY! (For all days).

              So if, for example, you are North of the Equator and are at Longitude 60 W, about the NE corner of Canada say the Sun will set there at the same time close to Rio De Janeiro South of the Equator (barring any daylight saving zone), as well as at every other point on that dead straight line drawn on a map (passing through places that are in the real world). The longitude line exactly 180 degrees away from that (Long 120 E) is where the Sun rises at the same time (but some 12 hours earlier than when it is setting naturally).

              The lines of Latitude are also determined by the Sun only this time they represent the set of all places in the world where the shadow the sun makes from a vertical straight stick stuck in the ground is at it’s shortest length during any given day (close to Noon) and the shadow length and stick’s height measures are exactly the same in those places.

              The difference between 40 degrees North and 40 degrees South is that the shadow is on the opposite side (i.e. North for Northern Hemisphere and South for Southern Hemisphere sticks) in those regions but the length of shadow will be the same.

              Thanks to the ‘Miracle’ of smart phones and/or the Internet, we humans can now for the first time in history witness this with our own eyes!

              Find someone on the other side of the equator who has the same latitude or longitude (in reverse) ( If possible) and check it out with them. 🙂

              The trouble is though – only the ‘globe’ idea of the Earth, Moon and Sun system works for both latitude and longitude at any one time.

              The truth is able to be determined (these days) but it takes a larger view of life than just one person can make for themselves (two should do!) if they don’t trust the science behind things.

              God will reveal the Truth of all things to those who earnestly seek it for themselves. Of course, being human means we are always subject to deception and misinterpretation, even of His Word as, written by a man (or woman). 🙂


      • I understand you want all facts explained in one physical system. However it is also a fact that the official standard model of physics has deficiencies and can’t explain all known facts. Therefore the goal of a single model explaining all facts is not a goal that mainstream physics has attained.

        I see how the path of the sun, the southern cross, and lunar and solar eclipses convince you earth is a globe, but I don’t see how the fact of curvature or motion of earth is established.

        How are you convinced curvature and motion of earth exist?


        • There is no single answer to all questions and no answers to all questions regardless of how many ways you look it up. Lacking a direct line to what or who controls the universe, I go with what I see. I see men walk on the moon and I don’t assume someone made it up because I don’t think like that. I assume what is obviously true is true. I measure a distance using math and I get an answer. I assume it’s correct.

          Is it PERFECTLY correct? Does it answer every question I might — or YOU might ask? No, but I see the boat come up over the curve of the earth and I believe it’s a curve. Looks like one. Acts like one. Behaves like one.

          There is no perfection on this earth and there is no perfect answer for anything. We don’t even have perfect questions and we may never have them. So we deal with the reality we know and work with the solutions that get us where we want to be.

          More than that is far above my pay grade.


  3. Clearly, nut bars abound.


  4. It’s very scary that seemingly sane people believe this stuff.

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