MITIGATION? I SEEK IT! Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Mitigate

I went up the driveway to the car this morning. We are expecting a particularly ugly storm tomorrow and I needed to make sure the front of the car was well-wrapped. It is supposed to be snow followed by freezing rain and sleet. Then, a flash freeze.

All of my least favorite weather wrapped in one big mess.

The freeze means the ground will be covered by — as close as nature can come to it — frozen cement. We’ve parked the car at the top of the driveway so the plow can get through, assuming it’s deep enough to use a plow … and the plow doesn’t slide down the driveway and crash into the house.

Stranger events have been known to happen.

It’s also the day on which the Pats play the Chiefs in Kansas. That should be some kind of mitigation because they’ve been playing pretty well — but Kansas will have just gotten the same storm. The field will be bitterly cold and just icy enough to make staying upright problematic. Both teams are used to playing in bad weather so there’s no advantage for either side — and the Chiefs are the favored team. Usually, that just makes the Pats more competitive, but it’s the end of the season and everyone is damaged.

Football’s a rough game.

Our leaf-covered bunny slope — AKA our driveway.

I fell down on my way back down the driveway. Up is more difficult, but down is treacherous. Except — it wasn’t slippery. It’s the L.L.Bean boots I was wearing have a very hard sole which doesn’t grip the surface which is old and even in the summer is slippery. My feet came right out from under me.

For once, my back didn’t take the hit, but the back of my skull took a solid thwack. I’m still dizzy.

Meanwhile, to make this weird weekend even weirder, I discovered my dogs have ticks. How did they get ticks in January? I suppose the days warmed up just enough to make the ticks hungry … so I had to order tick collars for all of them  — a pretty penny for three dogs. Bonnie is the one on whom I found the ticks, but I have to assume where one dog has ticks, so do the other two.

Overall, I’m not seeing much mitigation to the complexities of life right now. It is what it is.

If we at least win the game tomorrow, that will help. A bit. I think I’ll go take some Tylenol. Drink more coffee. Eat a few cookies. If you can’t mitigate circumstances, have coffee and something crunchy which tastes strongly of cinnamon.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

34 thoughts on “MITIGATION? I SEEK IT! Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. And very strange weather. For the last few winters, we’ve been having warm spells in the middle of very cold months, so you can’t count on the insects disappearing. It’ll be below zero one day and 50 the next. I don’t mind it not being bitterly cold all the time, but we’re going to be dealing with ants in February instead of May or June. No climate change HERE.

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      1. Maybe it won’t be as bad as it’s hyped. Maybe. Still glad I don’t have to be out there anymore, holding a mic and freezing the family jewels.

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        1. Sorry to hear about your fall Marilyn.
          We were suppose to get quite the storm here but no more than an inch fell and you can sweep it up with broom. Hopefully they’ll be wrong about your storm too.

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            1. Oh dear, I guess it’s to be expected. Our larder is fairly full at the moment so we won’t starve. Just hope the furnace keeps working.


  1. Poor you and the dogs. Our Nera lived with ticks, but it never bothered her. It bothered me when I trod on one once on the white stone floor and it looked like we had had a massacre. Thank goodness our snow has kept away up to now, you are really getting it bad.


    1. The next couple of days will be ugly. We just went out and refilled the feeders because we’re supposed to get maybe a foot of snow overnight — possibly more. Most of it will get washed away be sleet tomorrow, but it’s going to be a very ugly night and tomorrow is going to be my least favorite weather of all time. Assuming the power lines stay put and the trees don’t fall down, we should be okay, though.

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  2. Ticks! In January? No, there’s no global warming… hope your head feels better soon. Meanwhile, can you get some galoshes to cover the bottom of your slick soled boots to help you on the skating rink a/k/a your driveway on days like this? I can see them on Amazon for about 20 bucks, and they are just like what I used to wear on icy and wet days as a kid: either the rubber shoe style that slipped over whatever shoe you’re wearing, or the see thru or black single button top that slips over your footwear to mid-shin. No, you won’t win any fashion awards, but it may give you a better grip on surfaces. Good luck.


    1. Nope, definitely no global warming or climate change. Everything is just FINE. The bizarre thing was that there wasn’t anything slippery on the ground. It was the boots that were the problem. No grip.


  3. Ouch! Your poor head! Hope you’re feeling a bit better now … I can’t afford to fall, so I have some ice cleats that I slip over the soles of whatever shoes I’m planning on wearing when I go out and there’s snow and ice, and they work a treat.
    Ticks in January! That’s scary, and disgusting! Your poor pups.


  4. Ouch. Those head bangs are tough. Were I an NFL player, I would have been benched long ago (based on concussions, no worries that I can’t don’t play football) Hope you feel better soon and that the storm brings only dry snow without the ice component. Sending a hot pot of virtual soup to you and Garry.


  5. Oh, Marilyn, that must have been nasty. Hope you didn’t do yourself any further damage. Ticks in January is just weird. Ticks are not really a problem in Tasmania although very common in the mainland states, maybe ticks can’t swim. Stay inside and stay warm. Meanwhile, we have warm weather but at the moment strong winds, not what you want after a thunderstorm last week started fires all over the state. We need some rain. It’s been smoky here for several days though none of the fires are close to towns at present, all in the forests.


    1. We are getting “winter” — all of it. At the same time.

      I HATE ticks. I sprayed them all down and ordered collars, but there are so many ticks I have no choice but to deal with them.


  6. Did you ice your head where it hit the ground? That’ll be some bump- hope you are ok. We got maybe an inch last night which turned to rain, it is pouring now. Only afraid of the deep freeze we are expecting which will turn everything to ice. At least they were wrong about the 12 inches they predicted. Feel better and stay inside!

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  7. I hope you didn’t get a concussion from that hit to the head! If the headache continues and you still feel dizzy Monday, you should at least call a nurse line or something and get some advice. Brain trauma is nothing to fool around with…. and did I ever tell you I’m a bit of an alarmist? Stay warm and watch that drive way!!


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