MORE ICY WEATHER BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong

I took a lot of pictures yesterday, so I’ve got a few more to show you today. This is just as well because I feel totally non-creative at the moment. Part of it is simply that I don’t feel well.

The clunk I took on the head a couple of days ago didn’t help a lot either, but to be fair, I was pretty brain-dead before that too.

A couple of things are wearing me down. Politics is clearly one. Like a lot of liberals — and other fair-minded people — the ugliness of our political situation is dispiriting and depressing. Whatever humor I felt about it at the beginning has long disappeared. Now it’s just grim and hateful. It has made a lot of people a lot grumpier than they were.

It’s like living under a black cloud that just follows you around and keeps raining. Which either means we are rain gods or we are drawn by a famous (and I should add, dead) illustrator.

So, back to the birds. They are bright, non-political, and all they want is some seed.

I can do that.

More of the bright red bird
Cardinal and his Junco pal

Yesterday, the Patriots won a hotly contested game against the chiefs. It was one of the games where even those of us who aren’t super football fans can only say “wow.”

Cardinal in the cold
On a frozen Monday

All the other news is so demoralizing and sad, it’s hard to stay excited. Especially since with so many TSA agents calling in sick because the government doesn’t think they should pay them for their work, you have to wonder how people are going to get to the game.

The bitterly frigid weather hasn’t helped either.

Well-chilled Junco

From here to Atlanta is more than 1000 miles. Driving, that’s about 86 gallons of gasoline and at least two, maybe three days at the wheel.

A chilly Nuthatch

By train, that’s 24 hours.

Part of a Nuthatch and a Cardinal

Although there remain some flights available, the prices are ridiculous. Lucky we weren’t planning to go anyway, isn’t it?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

25 thoughts on “MORE ICY WEATHER BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. I love the birds — and they do provide a nice diversion from politics. But then there’s some level of amusement in the President’s declaration about San Antonio being so much safer now that they have a wall (they have no wall, and they are 150 miles from the border)!


  2. The Cardinal is wonderful, isn’t he? What a fabulous colour. I heard about the Patriots on the news and remembered you talking about the upcoming game the other day. I thought you would be pleased that they won.


    1. Almost shocked. It was a crazy game. One team up in an impossible play followed by the other team in an even MORE impossible play and then into overtime. Crazy!

      The Cardinal is our brightest bird. Down in more tropical areas, you see more colorful birds, but here, the Cardinal is “it.”

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Tremendous shots Marilyn,
    Both those games were incredible. I confess I’m a Brady fan. But Mahomes is a Superstar for sure. It’s just that Tom is in a universe of his own.


    1. I think Brady may be the only player to make the Hall of Fame while he is still playing at age 60 😀 I’ve been hoping he’d quit soon, before he gets really hurt, but I guess he won’t quit until he’s too broken to play.


  4. Spectacular photos Marilyn. I loved the way you did a “play by play”. I’d say the clunk on the head didn’t damage anything vital, your smarts, wit and ability look great. I missed something though, how did you get a clunk on the head? was it the fall?


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