FOWC with Fandango — Pair

I had nothing to say about “pair” when I looked at it a few hours ago, but since then, with camera in hand, I finally got a very pretty pair of ladybirds — the girls of the species — on the feeder.

I’ve been trying to get the girl cardinal for a while. She stops by, but never when I’ve been able to get the camera pointed in the right direction. Today, that changed and I got my shot. The scarlet male is a gorgeous bird, but the lady of the species is a pretty bird too. Yellow – almost olive-green – with red slashes on her win

A slightly impressionist look at the scarlet Cardinal’s partner.

One lady Cardinal

The scarlet male Cardinal – the reddest bird you’ll ever see!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, a woodpecker dropped by. Pretty sure that is a female downy or a very small female hairy woodpecker … and the green/yellow bird is the other half of the scarlet boy I’ve been shooting.

Saved again by my camera!

The pair of birds and such a beautiful pair!

Just as well because I’m so tired, I can hardly think. These three-hour nights are really getting to me. I need to sleep and I need to be free of pain for long enough to actually make it happen.

11 thoughts on “A PAIR OF LADY BIRDS IN THE AFTERNOON – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. We have pain specialist here. Never seen one and don’t know what he does that is any different from the other M.D.’s. With all the oxycontin problems the regular G.P.’s are very cautious with prescribing. Perhaps these guys are more watchful to prevent addictions and help with the pain.


  2. I’ve been getting up at 3 to let my poor demented dog go outside. I wish he could just tell me what’s going on in his strange little brain and his poor old spine. I wish there were pain meds for you and for him so we could ALL get a really good night’s sleep!!!!


    • Give him my sympathy. I wish they made pain medication that really worked without screwing with your mind and digestion. I’m working on getting some pot to make butter and see if that helps. My cardiologist strongly recommends it, as does my primary doctor AND my shrink. Do they have the equivalent for dogs?

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      • Pot’s a good idea. Yeah, they do. Dusty’s new med has “hemp” and others have had CBD oil. Looks like you can have medical MJ in Mass. That’s great. I have friends with various painful ailments that use it all the time and it works well for them.


        • My problem has been the cost of buying it. Every month there’s been some medical bill that has busted my limited budget. Finally, I realized I have to do this because these three-hours of sleep per night are not improving the rest of my health. There’s just not enough money to really live on. We are about $400-$500 per month short of what we need. We squeeze by, but there’s never enough to save any money to do anything but survive and it’s incredibly frustrating. At least we ARE surviving … a few years ago, we weren’t even doing that.

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          • I don’t know about Mass, but it’s cheaper out here when you have a medical mj license. I learned a lot about budgeting last year when I had to board the dogs, go to Colorado Springs all the time to see the doc, all that. The end of 2018 and now I seem to be smarter. I moved some payments around, that helped. Found cheaper places to buy dog food and dog meds. Just a lot of little stuff. Then you know they raised my utilities by $20/month. It’s always that way — you save some here they add some there, but since last fall I’ve been able to end the month ahead. But I’m not going anywhere. I might end up without friends in Colorado Springs because I’m not going up there. BUT I got really sick of adding to my debt. It’s just a bitch living on a fixed income.


            • It really is. Every time I think we’re running a little ahead, I realize I forgot I owe $160 for some kind of test or medication. I spent three days battling with AT&T to lower the cell bill by $20 and I think I wound up with a phone that doesn’t really work at all. And I forgot Garry’s trip to the dentist. And I need glasses. At least we don’t have to buy hearing aids!

              MJ is probably cheaper on prescription, but Mass is really slow getting doctors “certified” to prescribe it. They have to take a course and get a special certification, but they’re going huge on recreational marijuana because someone realized how much MONEY it makes for the state and everyone who objected was suddenly passionately in favor of it. Amazing what that bottom line can do!

              And car insurance went up (Garry had three tiny accidents last year, so I knew it was coming) and electricity went up and the boilder needed tuning … and (sigh) the house needs work. I sure hope we get those tax refunds on time!

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