Welcome to the first Pick a Word photo challenge in 2019. This is the only challenge/post from me this month and the choice of words includes the following:  crepuscular, coded, lofty, scintillating, and detox.

First, let me say that crepuscular is a word that doesn’t mean what it sounds like it means. It relates to “twilight or something relating to twilight.” It isn’t a skin disease, though I grant you it rather sounds like it ought to be.

This picture is crepuscular:

Sunset, a typically crepuscular event

This creature is also crepuscular, or more to the point, he likes to eat early in the morning (dawn) or around sunset. Both crepuscular times.

A crepuscular feeder

This is a lofty building in Boston and I was in an even loftier building, which is how come I could look down on it!

Scintillating. Do I have any scintillating pictures? Certainly none of me. I’m not sure anyone I know is scintillating. Definitely, nothing coded — and no detox. So I guess I’m going with lofty and crepuscular this time. Sorry about that, but I managed to squeeze in three pictures!

Nice to hear from you again, Paula. I have missed you!

jupiter najnajnoviji

15 thoughts on “PAULA’S THURSDAY SPECIAL FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY! – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Crepuscular is a beautiful word. It was actually the subject of my most popular blog post of all time… how squirrels are particularly crepuscular during the summer. I have also discovered that despite it not being a particularly well known word, that there are a few people who are familiar with it who incorrectly believe that it means a combination of both diurnal and nocturnal. I have also discovered that there is no arguing with people who are absolutely sure they know the definition of a word better than the people who write dictionaries do…


    • When I don’t know a word, I look it up. I figure I know a lot of words, so if there’s one I don’t know, no one is going to shame me for missing that one. I think the people who don’ t look words up are people who are embarrassed by the way they speak, so they think looking things up makes them look (more) stupid. I look up anything I’m not sure of, though sometimes, the dictionary definition seems to be way out of synch with current usage. In this case, it merely said “referring to twilight” — which I knew, but I thought there might be more to it.

      Our squirrels do come around, but they seem to do it (mostly) very early in the morning. I haven’t seen them much in the evening, but probably when the days are longer, they’ll start to show up. SOMETHING with a hardy appetite hits the feeder in the morning and I don’t think it’s the little yellow birds!

      Most online dictionaries seem to be very minimal. The big paper ones used to give much more information.


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