It’s from Melanie, but she forgot so now it’s from Rory. Got that? Good.

Here we go!


1] What are your strengths and of your strengths – how have they helped you throughout your life?

I write well and I have a good eye. They got me a profession and a hobby which have seen me through life and have kept me entertained too.

2] What are your weaknesses and how have they or have they hindered your successes in any way and what have you done to overcome them to rue your day?

I have a temper and it’s a lot of work to control it. But as I get older, it’s not as difficult as it was, at least in part because I am not forced to spend nearly as much time with morons.

3] What makes people believe absurd conspiracy theories or alternatively are all conspiracy theories absurd? Use the answer which sits best with you.

I have no idea. I assume ignorance combined with stupidity. I don’t listen to these idiots and when they show up in my Facebook feed or comment on my blog, I bar them or ban them without half a second of thought.

The flat earth — according to Terry Pratchett

Anyone who believes the world is flat does not deserve a minute of my time. There’s enough crap going around without dealing with those idiots too.

4] How important are morals in a healthy society? What are the most important morals for citizens to have?

We don’t need morals. We need to understand the difference between right and wrong. I think most people are born knowing.

I think it’s part of our human DNA to know right and wrong, good and evil. We don’t need a god, religion, or dogma. We need to do the right thing.

9 thoughts on “WORLD SHARING – A LITTLE CONFUSING BUT NOT TO WORRY … Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I saw your ‘Do Not Interact” post and wondered how you turned off the comments on that? I’ve written a thing or three lately that didn’t require comments but couldn’t figure out how to turn them off for a specific post. And we all have bad days, so just relax, drink coffee, pet dogs, photograph birds and have a true day of Rest.


    • On the OLD system, there’s a checkbox: On (check) or off (no check). NO idea what they have on the new one (shudder).

      My gut has been very grumpy with me for a while, but it went into overdrive this morning. I was REALLY sick and I have a headache so bad my eyeballs hurt.


  2. Melanie finally remembered, but not in time. Ah well. Isn’t there a movie line that goes something like “Fiddle dee dee…tomorrow’s another day”? Excellent answers IMHO, just wonderful! And I’m fully on board with the ‘no idiots’ policy. On the right and wrong answer (morals)…yeah, we (mostly) all know that difference, it’s intrinsic. It seems to me however that a lot of people don’t LISTEN to their inner voice any more, and just do whatever they want, as long as it pleases THEM. And maybe I just had a big cup of cynicism today…


  3. Great Answers Marilyn – l loved the Idiocy theory answer especially – what do you mean the world isn’t flat? Next you’ ll be saying there isn’t an Easter Bunny! No, just don’t answer that! 🙂

    This won me over, as l think on my Suze who has to bless her listen to morons all day everyday in her job ….” at least in part because I am not forced to spend nearly as much time with morons.”

    Cracking first image of the birds, absolutely stunning, so thanks also for the share of that as well 🙂

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