The birds haven’t been very active today. It’s cold, so they fly in, grab a bite, and fly back to wherever they make their home. My son came over to refill their feeders because they ate a lot yesterday.

The big birds were out, especially the woodpeckers.

They are hefty eaters. It takes them a while to settle down, but once they get a good grip on the feeder, they just keep eating until they are finished. The rest of the birds mostly wait. Not all, but most.

A pair of woodpeckers

I had a pair — boy and girl — of Downy or Hairy Woodpeckers. I think they were Downy Woodpeckers, but both kinds of woodpecker look very much alike.

More woodpeckers!
Pair of peckers

It’s the beak length that’s the main difference and since they usually have it stuck inside the feeder, it’s not easy to figure out which is which. Whatever they are,  they are probably a mated pair.

The brightest bird of them all!
The Cardinal and the Tufted Titmouse on the flat feeder

I took a lot of pictures of these two because it was the first time I’ve had both on the feeder at the same time. I found it kind of thrilling.

Departing woodpecker (I think) and a nuthatch
And yesterday’s Ladderback with the bright red head

This proves I don’t have a very exciting life. I get really excited by birds and any other kind of wildlife.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

22 thoughts on “MORE ABOUT THE WOODPECKERS – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. I’m getting the feeling that I have the ONLY birdfeeder in the area. At least the only one near this patch of woods. So I get all of them. Some, I still only see them nearby, but I haven’t gotten a picture of them yet. Some just aren’t “feeder” birds, like the pileated Woodpecker. Some are ground feeders, especially the doves and Juncos … and often, the Cardinals really like to have both feet on the ground. The squirrels come earlier than I’m usually up and I think some of the bigger woodpeckers also feed early. In summer, maybe they will also feed late. I’m not taking pictures today because my right shoulder has informed me that it is really unhappy with me. I’ve gone round and round with it and it’s probably just like the rest of me — very arthritic. I need to give it a day off or two. Actually, I think I need to give all of me a day off or two.


    1. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been quite this thrilled by birds when I was younger, though I do remember joining bird clubs to spend dawn watching horned larks along the beaches on Long Island — and I think I was just 19 at that point. Watching birds has always been something I did, but I never got into the competitive aspects of it … and I never really tried to take the pictures. So maybe it has always been a little bit thrilling … 😀

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    1. Feed them. They are REALLY fond of fruit, black sunflower seeds, and suet. The problem is that these are also the favorites of the squirrels. But the woodpeckers are pretty big, so in a one-on-one contest, it’s even-odds.


  1. Great pictures. Talk about right place right time, to capture some lovely photos! I know very little about birds, major ones, yes, but the difference between, not so much. I do love your photos, they are such a treat!


      1. lmao truly. We’re looking at a place that is 15 minutes outside of town and although it’s a trailer park, there isn’t anyone close by so perhaps I’ll have a few birdies to feed, that would be so cool.


    1. I doubt they think much about it. It’s their natural condition, after all. They live in the weather and don’t have a recliner in by the heater. But they do get hungry in the winter and I’m sure they are glad to get food whenever they want it. We really have a LOT of birds gathered around this house. Flocks of them. When you drive down the driveway, flights of birds take off.

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