DO YOU COLOR? Marilyn Armstrong

Weekly Word Prompt: Adult Coloring

I know it’s all the rage. I bought some for my DIL for Christmas because I know she enjoys coloring.

I don’t.

I didn’t like coloring when I was a child. I preferred drawing and painting and these days, photography with doodling along page edges. I am a chronic doodler, but I don’t like anything with lines.

I hate lines. I hate definitions of where each color should go. I never liked coloring in OR out of the lines, so I don’t like it now, either. Sometimes, when I wonder what Garry and I share as a couple, I realize we hate being told what to do. We resent instructions, rules, and definitions.

Which doesn’t mean I don’t follow directions using tools or technology. I know where (so to speak) to draw that particular line. Garry doesn’t always. He will fight with me over everything.

He wants to do it his way.

I don’t mind him doing it his way unless it will (a) burn down the house or set the chimney on fire; (b) destroy dinner; (c) cause injury to something or someone (including himself).

Otherwise, I let him battle it out until eventually, he asks for help. At which point, I try to explain there are things where you can do as you please, but not everything.  Some stuff, usually involving electricity or technology and associated parts, you have no choice but to do the right way or it won’t work. Not even if you burn incense or pray to the gods of technology.

It’s why he’s no kind of mechanic and for the most part, neither am I.

But, just in case it’s your thing, I’ve included three photographs you can print and color. Birds, for people who find coloring relaxing.

As for me, there is reading, taking pictures, watching movies — and ultimately, sleeping!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

14 thoughts on “DO YOU COLOR? Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. I used to draw and paint. I was not a particularly good painter and my drawing was … cute. I would have needed training to be good at it, but I couldn’t do everything. I was studying music and writing, doing photography and painting on the side. Somewhere in there, I wanted a life, too. If I had an extra life, I would learn to paint and draw. Properly.


  1. I color once in a while, but mainly with my grandchildren. Course, they often prefer designing their own artwork, too, without lines. I have NO artistic ability and can’t really even doodle effectively. I so admire anyone who can draw or paint!


    1. Me too. But I admire art. All art. Potters and painters and sketch artists and photographers and writers and everyone. I think art is our hope for making our life better. More ART! Because artists don’t make war. Artists don’t shoot up schools. Artists just make the world beautiful.

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  2. I am married to an artist and am fascinated how he can produce real paintings or just draw. It’s a gift. Otherwise neither of us are mechanics, but my autustic son is. If we get flat pack furniture to assemble he takes a look and without profanities assembles it. With no problem.

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