HERESY OR HILARITY? by Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Heretic

We are lucky to be living in a time when heresy is a personal, private issue rather than a constitutional one.

When Garry and I got married, we married in his Lutheran church because my husband still believes that stuff. I never believed it. When you are raised sort-of Jewish, you generally don’t believe that stuff. I was a lot clearer about what I didn’t believe than what I did believe … but Garry wanted a church wedding.

I wanted to get the mayor (who was a friend) to marry us on the steps of city hall. Invite our whole world. Get a lot of pizza for dinner then grab the next flight to Ireland.

While we were discussing the service — who was supposed to do what and when — they said I had to kneel.

I said, “My people don’t do kneeling.” Everyone cracked up.

But that’s the thing. MY people don’t kneel. I didn’t mind the ceremony because Garry wanted it, but kneeling? Not only do Jews not kneel but if I had to get to the floor they’d have needed a grappling hook to get me back up. It was a narrow skirt and I was wearing heels. Down I could get because there would be gravity working for me, but up? Wearing heels and a snug white dress?

In another time and place, my attitude would have landed me in a dark, damp dungeon. Followed by having my head lopped off. I sure hope they kept the axe sharp.

This being “modern times,” I didn’t die for my religious preferences or for wearing a snug dress and heels.

Times change. This is a change of which I definitely approve.

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  1. Yes you have to preserve those religious rights. I can just see it now, once down, it’s awful hard to get up.


  2. You seem to be a similarly unlikely couple as Hero Husband and I are…. and you also seem to be going along just fine! Thing is that when you truly love somebody, you don’t ask for the cost, you just know that you’ll be going to the end of the world if need be. This actually would include kneeling down, knowing fully well that you couldn’t get up again!!!! Made me grin widely; I’m now at an age and in a state that I too would have NO CHANCE in heck to get up once I’m down….. 😉

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    • I was 45 with a bad back. Aside from realizing I could not kneel — I mean I literally couldn’t do it — the humiliation of being hoisted to my feet would have ruined the whole wedding for me. Love is grand, but we both need a little compromise.

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      • Don‘t I know it! – I once saw a YT video of a woman of a certain age who fell down a step on the stairs and although she was thin as a reed she could NOT get up on her own feet again….. I won‘t ever, ever get myself in that position any more – I need a very strong arm to pull me up, or a crane!!!!!! And I‘m sure you looked stunning in a pencil skirt! Not worth risking that for a bit of a ‚kneeling down‘….


  3. Let’s hope that in the future of our country, people will continue to be free to kneel or not to kneel. That is the question.

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  4. I have to agree with Crushed. It was a delightful picture!

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  5. Ha. Good for you on both counts.. yielding, but not too far.

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  6. Aaaaw Marilyn!
    Am I allowed to be laughing? The picture you painted was priceless!

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    • It WAS funny. The thing was, it wasn’t supposed to be funny. My people don’t do kneeling. I was fine with the whole ceremony … until we got to the kneeling and I realized I couldn’t DO that.

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      • That’s fair enough.
        There are times when we can’t do something…even if others (especially those we love) do not quite relate to our feelings/conscience/identity/views/outlook/traditions/cherished values…we just cannot do it.
        I am sure Gary loves all of you – even when there may be minor differences in some areas. I am sure he loves you for being you!
        I had an awkward situation with Goldfinch (who I loved to bits) because I did not want to be at an event he did want to be at. To me it symbolised something that I cannot condone and did not want to be associated with. To him it’s all a bit of fun and an interesting cultural experience. But I made sure I went along with him to lots of other things that he wanted to go to (even though they wouldn’t have been my idea of fun) because there was no reason for me to feel uncomfortable about them.


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