I know today is The Big Game and we’ll be watching it too. But in case you want to take a break — like during half-time which we avoid like the plague — here are some newly photographed birds.

Now, being serious (sort of) for a minute, you can’t tell which birds are which. When I get to the point where I know the woodpeckers and start giving them names, perhaps you’ll want to order an intervention. I’ll fight you on it, but you can try.

The doves have come and they stay in the feeder until it’s empty. We have really fat doves. Very fat doves.

A slate junco on the deck rail

I think this is a nuthatch and a junco, but I can’t see clearly enough to be sure

A pair of juncos … except they don’t look like the same bird

A pair of (I think) downy woodpeckers

Ladderback Redhead … my current favorite

And the cardinal popped in for a quick snack

Another cute one of the ladderback

Woodpecker and a goldfinch

Ready to fly

Dove sharing space with a junco, but not for long!

15 thoughts on “AGAIN IT’S TIME FOR THE BIRDS … Marilyn Armstrong

  1. OH your beautiful feathered friends are so so sweet. Love this. I keep saying I’m going to do this. Today is my day you inspired me to hang feeders outside my bedroom window so I can see all my little feathered friends Happy Sunday to you ❤


  2. I’ll take my birds as part of the pre-pre-pre-game. I’ll be sleeping during the majority of the Overrated Bowl. Once I quit following football many years ago, the game lost all appeal to me…


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