LOOKING BACK – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Hindsight

They say that hindsight is always 20-20 and considering the situation right now, I should have been a lawyer specializing in the problem of billionaires who have lied to Congress. Who knew there were so many? And who knew they would all need lawyers?

Jeff Danziger / Rutland Herald

Had I seen ahead, I could have planned. So sad!

This is not a profession that has always been a goldmine for the wealthy, but right now, I think you can name your own price. Lord knows Giuliani is not a man to be trusted with anyone’s law case, much less that of the President.

He has already fired the best of the bunch, so even if I were a mediocre lawyer with a specialty of making deals for the very VERY rich and lousy with wealth, I could at the least earn a year or two’s wages just by gibbering something incoherent to the press.

Even if lawyers weren’t something of a joke before, they sure are now. And we all laugh with great merriment as they haul their riches to offshore bank accounts.

God bless the American Way!

13 thoughts on “LOOKING BACK – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Aw. I have no idea what’s going on obviously, and mighty grateful am I. But. A thought comes to mind about those buncha idiots “Pride goeth before the fall” (or something like that). Those people have had it coming for a very very long time. And Orange Baboon Boy firing competent people only to replace them with twits and incompetents? Isn’t that his usual way of operating?


    • Indeed it is. I thought I would have made a very good lawyer except I was pretty sure that the studies involved would bore me to death. All that memorization was just too much for the young me. Of course, NOW I’d probably enjoy it because we change over the years and I have learned to enjoy memorizing material, even if I can’t remember if I had breakfast and what I might have eaten.

      Even six months as one of Trump’s stupid shifty lawyers could earn me enough to live on the rest of our lives. I’m really not thinking about law, per se. I’m thinking about how much I could earn doing it, even for a brief period in the right setting.

      Except I’d never get through the interview. There’s only so much lying I can handle. I’d never pass the MAGA test. But I sure could use the $$$. Every time I look at the house, I get overwhelmed with the need for money to fix it. Oy.


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