Sleeping In A Hospital Is Just Awful

I thought I was losing my mind. I had been in the hospital for 10 days and don’t think I’d had an entire hour of sleep. They finally called in the hospital psychiatrist who listened, nodded, and put a huge note in black magic marker on my door that said: “UNLESS EMERGENCY, DO NOT AWAKEN PATIENT!!” Then he signed it. he was the head of the psych unit and after that they let me sleep. I actually started to recover. Not only did they wake me for things I needed, but for things that had nothing to do with my case at all. After 10 days, I really WAS losing it.


Staying overnight in the hospital is one of the worst things a patient can experience. There’s a very good chance they’re going to get their sleep interrupted frequently and that’s going to heckle the progress of their recovery.

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11 thoughts on “Sleeping In A Hospital Is Just Awful”

  1. 2am: “let’s take your vitals.” Are they serious?! I think the only thing that is vital is that you get the heck out of my room now so I can get some sleep and get released from this place!


  2. It never fails to amaze me how much of mainstream medicine appears to lack that essential ingredient – the facilitation and encouragement of healing as opposed to Objective: Getting-Over-Symptoms. The logistics of running a hospital as a managed system often seem to be at odds with patient well-being.


    1. I was in the hospital for four months, later for four-weeks, and a couple of weeks for my heart stuff. Also a week for cancer and other things, but I forget. It was a lot. I have spent WAY too much time in hospitals.


  3. I often wondered about that. I can’t sleep (not deep restful sleep) in a strange place anyway, so on the off chance that I do doze off, do NOT wake me up to check my vitals (they’re depressed and/or through the damned roof ((blood pressure)) because a sadistic nurse woke me to check the damned vitals), take blood (yeah vampire. I KNOW you’re a vampire because it’s 3 a.m. and you’re drawing BLOOD? Go back to your lair and wake me when the sun is in the sky you t$#!@)!, give me that sleeping pill, or whatever nefarious thing is planned for the very wee hours of the morning. Turning on the overhead lights? Just mean. I may hurl a bed pan at your clueless noggin, and end up in psych on a 72 hour hold because I’m being ‘aggressive’. My sympathies Marilyn. I’ve been there and I didn’t handle it any better…


  4. I remember reading that sleep was one of the most essential health things you need. So what’s with the hospital practice of waking you, several times a night, in the middle of that all-important “rem” sleep, so critical to your health? I raised hell with them, after my heart surgery, saying I didn’t want to be awakened, if they expected me to recover..,or were they trying to kill me?


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