A DAY I THOUGHT I’D NEVER SEE – Marilyn Armstrong

I’m in the kitchen, periodically peeking out the window. There was a big Cardinal out there, but when I picked up my camera, he vanished. I hoped he would come back. Meanwhile, I got some nice squirrel pictures.

A morning squirrel

Meanwhile, I was slowly cooking canna-butter. Did I add too much water? I hope not. At least I got the temperature right. My new telephone arrived, though I haven’t had the energy to open the package yet. Tomorrow. I’m deep into canna-butter today.

Tufted Titmouse

They announced on the news last night that Uxbridge is getting its own pot shop, the third in the state.



A pot shop.

A legal pot shop.

In Uxbridge.

And here I am, brewing canna-butter and really hoping it will help with sleep and pain and if it doesn’t fix the pain and the sleep, maybe it’ll improve the quality of my English muffins with my coffee in the morning.


I never imagined this day would come where I would be legally cooking pot for the legal purpose of using it medicinally. Of course, I never expected to find myself needing it medicinally either. You win some, you lose some.

A different nuthatch — or a different bird? I think maybe a different bird!

The sun came out and the birds are knocking each other off the feeder. I swear they are playing.

It’s warm out. A lot warmer than February 8th should be, but right now, I’m okay. Wondering what exactly I’m supposed to do with the canna-butter after it’s fully prepared. So far, toast is as far as I’ve gotten with it.

Chickadee — he’s outta there!

The sky is finally blue and I got some good shots of a squirrel chowing down in the flat feeder this morning. To get squirrels, I have to get up earlier. It’s the only answer. They don’t linger around much past 9 in the morning and that’s on the late side for them.

Another early squirrel

A pot shop in Uxbridge will be interesting for our one-horse, single-road, Main Street village. They will come from miles around. I’m pretty sure business will pick up. I hope so. Aside from being cool, it will be a massive inconvenience.

At least the fresh donuts will sell better — not like they don’t sell now.

What an interesting summer this is going to be!

19 thoughts on “A DAY I THOUGHT I’D NEVER SEE – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. I can get pot tablets on prescription for my MS, but my neurologist said they would not be of a great help to me. We have a cannabis shop in our town, but I am not sure what it acually sells. Perhaps they have some seeds for a nice plant or two


    1. Hard to get seeds these days. The growers like to keep their own seeds. Competition and all that. I have to figure out how much I can use without it being too much — very easy for me because I have a pretty soft head — and I’m not yet convinced it’s going to work. But I had to try. Lots of advice, including cardiologist and I’m running out of things that might help me.

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        1. The problem with stuff like this is that it’s different for each person, including your age and stuff. ALSO, the stuff you get nowadays is MUCH stronger than it was when we were in college. Like HUGELY stronger. And I’m not the girl I used to be. What I’m hoping for is some relief from pain and a night’s sleep once in a while. I know it lowers blood pressure — I think maybe a bit too much for me — and generally relaxes muscles. But we’ll have to see. So far, not quite what I hoped for.

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  2. It’s not legal here as yet so I can only imagine how popular Uxbridge is going to get. I think supplies around here come from little patches grown down isolated roads at the edge of town, at least so rumour has it. Somehow I don’t feel it’s probably a medicinal crop though. The idea was so far from my mind that I confess when I read pot shop the first thing I thought was that it was some new fancy cookware shop.


            1. I got a really beautiful set of Corelle that I absolutely love. It’s nothing like the old stuff, though it’s equally sturdy and lightweight and surprisingly creative. It was NOT cheap, but it should last longer than I will. I’m a kitchen gadgeteer. I can pass up any kind of cell phone or electronics … but a really good piece of kitchenware? I’m just a fool for pots and pans and spatulas … Just a fool for kitchen doodads and stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I believe that you can freeze your canna butter and keep it for a while that way (use the portions you need, but the rest can stay frozen). I researched this subject (how cannabis can be used in cooking) way back in 1999 or 2000 when I had to give a paper on the pros and cons of cannabis use. The canna butter fella I got the most info from had been arrested for making that stuff. It was for his wife who was in the end stages of cancer, and couldn’t eat very much at all. The butter helped her pain level and symptoms greatly. I hope it works the same with you!


    1. I have to figure out how MUCH I can use. I used half of the recommended dose last night and I pretty much passed out. Poor Garry. There was nothing he could do but wait until I was able to stand up and walk. This stuff is STRONG and my head isn’t. I did wake up in less pain than usual and I slept pretty well, but until I can find a safe dose …

      You know, when we were (my age) were in college, the pot was not terribly strong. It was cheap, not powerful. The stuff nowadays is MUCH stronger and my head is NOT much strong. Quite the opposite, so I have to go a bit slowly with this. It may not work for me, but I’m running out of possibilities and so many people have recommended this — including my cardiologist — that I figured I needed to at least give it a try. I didn’t think it was going to be quite this powerful, though.


    1. It gets to be a real hobby, you know? Not just taking pictures, but watching them play and seeing how they fly and dive. How some of them bob up and down as they fly while others just cruise. And how nuthatches walk headfirst down tree trunks.


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