Blame it all on Mrs. Angloswiss. She and Marcel finally gave into reality and ordered an updated bath/shower arrangement. With a seat and hand grips and all the good stuff. And easier to clean, I would vouch.

I got really depressed about it because there are many days when I don’t shower because I’m afraid I’ll fall. Stepping over the high edge of the bath is more than my balance is ready for — so I skip it.

This the color we are getting and this is close to what we are getting, though our room is set up differently.

Garry and I have fallen in the shower. Not at the same time, but we’ve both fallen at least once. So far, no one was seriously hurt which is to say that no bones were broken. Although I smashed a finger that took a year to heal, that was a minor thing.

All that being said, it’s a matter of time until one of us takes a serious fall and gets badly broken.

The corner thing holder

Our shower is not as horrible as it could be, but it’s 50 years old and shows it. We replaced the sink a few months ago. The toilet needs a new valve. The old one is so corroded to the pipe you can’t open or close it. If something overflows, we can’t turn the water off. A bit nerve-wracking.

We couldn’t afford a whole bathroom renovation. It’s just much too much money to even think about … but … sometimes, you get lucky.

Garry had a long career on television. We always hope someone will think his recommendation will be good for the product because Garry wouldn’t do it unless he was really impressed. He has this reputation for honesty.

The magic worked! I am happy because this is a good company. The owner is a woman, a designer, fully credentialed. She lives locally and has more than 8,000 local installations for our reference. All the workers are her own employers — no sub-contracting.

I like these products very much. I like where they are made (the U.S.A.), how they are installed, and how easy they are to care for.

Even with a significant discount, we can’t do the whole bathroom. The price for that’s kind of huge. But we are doing it, piece by piece. If only we could afford bigger pieces.

We installed a new sink in April and a new shower-head a couple of months ago. The toilet is in good shape except for needing a new valve. The floor is … well … the old floor. It is exactly like the kitchen floor. More to the point, it is the same floor, but not as worn out. And grubbier because while I can rev myself up to scrub the kitchen floor, by the time I’m done with that, I’m just plain done.

The really important part and the piece which involves our health and safety is the bathtub and shower, so that’s what we will do. It’s not a freebie, but we got a really good deal … AND Garry gets to be a star.

The cameras will roll and he will tell them how fantastic our bathroom is and I’m sure it will be fantastic. He will smile and we will have a safe, clean walk-in shower. With grab bars, places to hold the shampoo and body wash, wash clothes and other stuff. Good-bye old scrubbed-out tub and porous grouted tiles.

Jennifer Bylo, owner and designer for Baystate Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

A non-porous shower with smooth walls, built-in mold resistance. All we’ll need to do will be a quick wash and a rinse. Just the idea of such ease of cleaning is overwhelming. We’ve been working harder and harder at getting the grout in the shower clean, but it’s old and porous and over the years, the mold has been taking over the corners and our backs are not up to crouching in the corners and scrubbing. And apparently, no matter how much we scrub, it won’t ever be really clean again. Porosity from years water.

Close. No cookie, but close.

It’ll be a month before they do the work which should be accomplished in just a single day. It will be right before my birthday so this will be my MOST expensive birthday present but to be fair, Garry owns the room and only lets me in when he is good and ready.

You folks out there can dream your dreams. Exotic vacations and the wonder of faraway places. But a bathroom that’s clean and safe?


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

25 thoughts on “SHOWERS, FLOWERS AND SAFETY! – Marilyn Armstrong”

          1. We just did that with our bath. And it works out for us perfectly. I have to be extra careful because of my knees. So it’s a relief not to be worried about getting in and out of the tub.


  1. I recently did the floors and paint in my bathrooms as well as a new shower door. I love them! They have a fresh feel, and are super easy to clean. I didn’t do a new shower, but may later paint the shower walls with a silicone paint that has the same effect as new tiling. Next may be new flooring through the rest of the house, and a coat of paint throughout the house.


      1. That’s ok — the shower is the most important thing, while the paint is purely cosmetic! I did mine with selling the house in mind — I’m now not going to sell it, but I’m glad I did the upgrades anyway — they needed to be done!


  2. Glad tomhave been of help from over the pond. Unfortunately Mr. Swiss Talents as a TV personality were not recognized , but I have Lucia, my treasure of a cleaning lady to keep it in order. I sacrificed thoughts of a new camera for the golden oldie safer shower, but it will be worth it


  3. It looks like an excellent shower unit. You will feel safe and there is room for a shower chair should you need that in the future. Naomi and I were having that conversation today as two of the houses we have seen for sale online have terrible bathrooms and we are agreed that should we end up buying one of those or any house with a bad bathroom we must keep money aside to fix it at once. We’ve both lived with dodgy bathrooms in the past and we are over them.


  4. I’m excited for you! We have two baths that both have tub/showers. So far so good…..but we are not getting any younger. Pot, new shower….you guys in Uxbridge are really moving on up!


  5. Fabulous!! And I hope Garry gets a penny or two for his promo spot OR at least a good amount off your final bill… Isn’t it strange how our priorities change as we age? I’m very pleased for both of you!!


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