This is another one of those “lost days” for me. There seem to be more and more of them, like I’ve been saving them up. But the suitcase got too small and everything is bursting out and blowing all over the place.

We had a long summer of nothing much going on, preceded by a long slow winter and spring, suddenly, as summer rolled around … everything went wild and crazy. For us, that is. For someone else, probably not so much but we don’t move fast.

I never seem to have a whole day to just relax. Or even a  half a day.

Squabbling Juncos or a Junco and a Nuthatch. Hard to tell.
The reddest bird of all birds
The red one’s lady friend
Chickadee and Goldfinch
Early Squirrel

Tomorrow we get our taxes done. I’m hoping for the best and hopefully, we won’t have another government shut-down and we’ll actually get our refund. This year. Like … soon. Because we need an infusion of money.

Finances are running a bit thin. And did I mention that it’s gotten very cold again with sleet and snow and maybe freezing rain tomorrow? But not to worry because it will be 50 degrees by the weekend, at which point, it will all melt.

27 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING FRIENDS, BIRDS, AND A SQUIRREL – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. We don’t get much. When Garry and I were both working, we got pretty decent ones except for the years when someone earned too much and we had to come up with money to pay them off. But these days, in retirement, I overpay just a little on taxes so we get a bit of a return. Otherwise, the money just vanishes like it was never there.

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  1. It’s going to be a rough time of it. I wish we could coordinate the weather so the kids could have the sunny days midweek and only be snowed in on the weekends. But, apparently wishful thinking isn’t actually a powerful form of magic.


  2. Lucky you!! 50 degrees would be very VERY welcome to me right now. It’s clear and sunny today (thankfully), but so cold that things are frozen in the midst of melting. Icicles, frozen hard snow. “Phil” might not have seen his shadow here, but I’m betting there’s still 6+ weeks of winter at least. Oh well. At least we’ll have some water next summer, which is the objective I suppose. Stay bundled up Ms. Marilyn.


  3. Marilyn we did our taxes last year in March. I didn’t get a refund until December. I phoned them every month and they kept putting me off. I finally had to go to the ombudsman. That seemed to do the trick.


    1. We did a little better on Federal, worse on State, so it came out about the same, which is what I’d figured. Our incomes stay the same pretty much all the time these days. Fixed income is too low, but stable!


  4. Beautiful photos! ❤ Still have plenty of snow on the ground here in "The Pine Tree State" and more on its way… Our winter birds and squirrel keep us entertained. Have a great week & Happy Valentine's Day to you and Garry. xoxo


    1. You have a great weekend, too. It’s cold today (very), supposed to snow tomorrow, but who knows … and by the weekend, probably 50 degrees again. You think the weather is a bit erratic maybe?

      All the birds are beginning to change into spring/breeding plumage. It’s interesting watching them!


  5. I love the red bird, so gorgeous! Not that the others aren’t but that one is startlingly pretty. We got 2 ft of snow yesterday and according to predictions, another 1 to 2 ft to fall later today. Shoveling the driveway was an endless task. My daughter and granddaughter shovelled 4 times and we still have to wade through what fell again afterward. We got videos of Loki prancing and pouncing and eating snowballs, he LOVES the snow, I’d say he’s a snow dog and he was fun to watch and gorgeous, his beautiful black perfection against all that white snow. It’s currently sunny and blue skies, which is how yesterday started out. So time will tell whether we get another dump of snow. They call Van Isle the Hawaii of Canada. It doesn’t appear so at the moment although we certainly don’t get the cold shattering drops in temperature everyone else gets. IF I can get someone to help, I’ll try to show you pictures. It’s quite breathtaking 🙂


    1. Our dogs like snow as long as it isn’t deeper than they have legs for. This year, the snow has gone north and south and just missed us in the middle. Tomorrow, supposedly we get some. And warm by the weekend. Go figure!


    1. The Juncos are our winter birds so I don’t know if they are going to fly north or they are so addicted to our buffet that they will hand around.

      We did okay with the taxes. It was almost the same as last year — a little more on Federal, less on State — Total almost the same. I didn’t expect a big difference. Fixed income.


  6. I thought I had commented on that one – have to make it short: You just simply do the BEST bird photos. Love the colours, the movements, the life and joy.
    Taxes; well….. they have to be paid, aren‘t they! Best forgotten as soon as possible. Give the emperor what belongs to the emperor 😉


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