Will There Ever Be A Mile-High Skyscraper? – REBLOG -SCIENCE SWITCH

In order to build the Temple Mount in Israel, they dug all the way down to bedrock and started the support walls there. Otherwise, it would have sunk. So the deal is still basically the same, but I guess there are fewer guys with shovels and picks and huge boulders … and more machinery?


Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect, put forward a proposal to build a mile-high skyscraper, a building five times as high as the Eiffel Tower. Many slammed at the architect and argued that the tower would collapse. But today, bigger and bigger buildings are appearing. How did this happen?

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3 thoughts on “Will There Ever Be A Mile-High Skyscraper? – REBLOG -SCIENCE SWITCH”

  1. What a monstrosity! In Paris the buildings are mostly 5 to 8 stories high and they create a viable intensity of population in relation to infrastructure. In Toronto they have so many sky scrapers and the infrastructure does’t measure up – it’s a disaster.


  2. Just viewed the YT video. What a tremendous lesson and explained in such an understandable and easy fashion! I love TED in all its ways and means but absolutely can NEVER ever follow all the things of interest to me…. This guy really was visionary, hopeful, intelligent and one can only admire him. BUT I‘d never be able to live in a skyscraper, I prefer the ground floor garden flats & places. I don‘t need heights and I get dizzy just thinking of those ‚poor‘ people swaying up there – once worked for a short while on the 30th or 34th floor of a Toronto building – couldn‘t cope with it…. That was in the seventies and I don‘t need to repeat that experience, ever!

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