AT&T’S “WHY DID YOU CANCEL” SURVEY – Marilyn Armstrong

They all do it. They sent me a survey to find out “why I had canceled my AT&T subscription.”

Lists of reason, 1 to 10 … and a LOT of them. Usually, I don’t bother to do these surveys, but I was seriously pissed with them, so this gave me one more chance to tell them how pissed I really am.

The sent me a new bill for $71. For leaving. I upgraded my package by resigning. Canceling.

She said it was for the month of January. I asked why it was $20 higher than my standard bill. Because I upgraded my package.

By canceling.

So the survey asked what (precisely) I hated the MOST about AT&T. Hard call.

I had 100 points to use for up to five selections, of which four were strongly in the running:

a — Bad customer service

b — Too expensive

c — Failure to have a plan that I need

d — Limited ability to actually get their signal. 

It was a difficult choice on every level. I really wanted to give whole hundred points (each) to a & b and another 200 points to “too expensive.” Maybe 75 for “lousy connection.” It would be more, but we so rarely used the telephone, the crappy signal hardly mattered.

That was too many points. Painful. I needed many, many more points.  And no matter how I did it, I would need a few extra points for barely usable service and an old phone that we couldn’t afford to upgrade. And a simple, elderly plan because we barely use the phone. We have 5 computers (maybe 6 or possibly 7 if you count a Kindle as a computer) and a landline. We virtually never go anywhere, so for what do I need cell phone except for the occasional emergency in the car or our more typically “We are completely lost. How do we find you”?

I got it down to three: bad customer service, too expensive, and lousy signal. I put 50-points on “Too expensive,” 40-points on “Bad customer service,” and 10-points on “Lousy signal strength.”

I would never use a mobile telephone for any financial purpose, so all the phone needed to do was make an occasional phone call or receive a text. In theory, I can also send texts but I don’t know how.

Personally, I think people who live on their phones are being awfully casual about security. With all the hacking and thieving via cell phones, people just keep adding more and more apps. How many of those apps are really worms? You folks who use phones for everything could be in for a rude surprise.

Meanwhile, one of the final question they asked if I would ever recommend the services of AT&T to a friend.  So let me be clear about this:

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  1. Excellent response! 🙂


  2. I think you covered all the high points. They don’t give you enough space to answer cause they don’t really want to hear the truth!


  3. When I’m happy with their service (which is seldom) I can’t be bothered with the survey. When I’m not happy with the service I enjoy the opportunity to vent.


  4. I quit filling out customer surveys for any reason (even with bribes like free food or cash drawings) years ago because they’re used mainly as a way for corporate HQ to evaluate the front line employees from afar. They could care less what you actually think, and they sure as hell aren’t interested in learning ways to improve their service since they already believe to be perfect. AT&T likely sent out the survey so they can find a scapegoat to blame for another lost customer…


  5. I had a problem I needed AT&T help with. I was transferred to five different people during the 2 1/2 hour adventure. The fifth person was a jewel and fixed my issue. I wanted to give positive feedback on her customer service but never got a survey. Go figure. 🙂 My carrier is Verizon and I had a dispute with them regarding billing and choices they made that resulted in a HUGE potential bill. But, when the rep suggested I call CS for help when he refused to stand by his commitment, I went to the Corporate CS head. I had a phone call in under 20 minutes and everything was corrected to as promised. But, why is it such a hassle to just find decent customer service? There, I go thinking like a dinosaur again. 🙂 By the way, I like your header shot.


    • Thanks.

      They ALL lie. They even put it in writing then claim no one ever heard of it and it doesn’t matter. This is what finally finished me off. It’s not supposed to take a week of calling and getting promises which are promptly broken to get a “fix” on your phone. And they LIED to me for a decade about senior pricing saying they didn’t have when they did. That alone was enough.

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  6. I repeat my advice to send AT&T your whole ‚worm‘ of reasons why you are so pissed off with them. You might have to start a ‚AT&T HATE BLOG‘ too….. 🙂
    Btw; I really, really love your last RED para!!!


  7. I mean a number of people have given up their A T & T phones just so they won’t have to deal with the people in the customer service office!!


  8. The A T &T people who work at their center in Ajijic are so nasty that a number of people have quit. Perhaps it is a qualification to work there?


  9. Hopefully, you will never hear from them again.


  10. My iphone is my memory but contains no codes or online banking, too dangerous. Even Mr. Swiss cannot get into it because it has face recognition, although there is a code that he knows


    • People here use it for EVERYTHING and I think that’s just foolish. There’s going to be yet one more cell-phone scandal about some broken function that was supposed to protect, but instead did the opposite. No thanks! We have a little pad of paper and a pen and we write it down. It weighs nothing and we throw the information in the trash when we are done. Amazing, huh? We do have calendars, but they are on computers. The calendar has no financial info either — just dates and the names of doctors — and the hospital phone number. Good luck with THAT one.


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