I wanted to use someone’s prompt this morning, but nothing fit and I don’t have much time. We have a doctor appointment in less than an hour, so we have to run — and it’s snowing. Lightly so far, but the roads are going to get slippery and I’d rather be home for the slippery part.

Cardinal in the woods

I stood at my bathroom window this morning and was amused to see how many birds were around. Waiting on tree limbs, on branches, in the bushes. I figured they seem to know when the weather is about to turn and like to chow down in advance. Then suddenly, all the birds were in flight.

In flight?

The Duke
Bright Chickadee
Tufted titmouse

It’s The Duke. He has jumped the fence (you can’t keep him in) and is examining — but not chasing — the birds in the backyard. He isn’t supposed to BE in the backyard because we have a fenced front yard. Not for him, but for every other dog we’ve ever had. Just that The Duke is a flyer and I thought he’d stop flying so high as he got a little older.

I was wrong. He’s getting increasingly airborne.

Lately, he has taken to leaping the fence and jumping into the driver’s seat, looking eager. “Dad, can I drive?”

No Duke, you don’t have a license. Pass your written exam first.


Eventually, I mentally push him back into the house and luckily, he has no interest in the road. Just the woods. He likes hanging around the woods.

But he scattered all my birds this morning and only the sound of me opening the treats carton got him back inside.

A few pictures and we’re outta here. Now it’s REALLY snowing.

I think maybe we aren’t going to the doctor. If it keeps up like this, it is going to be icy and unplowed and now, I can’t even see the road from the front window. Not an emergency. It’ll wait till next week.

It wasn’t supposed to start until around four or five. OH well. I should have known when they canceled school last night that they weren’t sure when it would start. We’ve had a lot of school bus accidents and why they don’t fit them with snow tired, I still don’t understand. But I guess we’re home for a little while. Maybe the birds are back?

21 thoughts on “BIRDS, THE DUKE, AND GOOD MORNING WORLD! – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. I think we get the sleet later, then we get MORE snow coming up from the south and then it gets warm (again) and by the weekend, everything has melted. Depending on how MUCH snow we get. It’s supposed to be between 2 and 6 inches, but you really never know, do you.

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    2. Duke truly is a whack job.
      I went out on a brief errand. Just as I pulled out of our driveway, an idiot came peeling around a dangerous curve and I just barely avoided him. Why do these numbskulls effort the Daytona 500 in this kind of weather? We’ll check the body count on the evening news.


  1. Oh those dogs….. what would we do without them rascals… airborne! WHAT A WORD for an elderly dog! He must feel GREAT hearing you saying or writing that word!
    The birds know much better than we do – we just have to learn to ‚read them‘…. Stay put until it gets better – the doctors will still be there next time! 🙂

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        1. Schools are closed and a lot of businesses closed early. But we live on a curving road which is not angled for the turns and there are a LOT of fatal accidents on this road. Last I heard, the most fatals on any road in the state and that’s saying something. The drivers come tearing out of Rhode Island (3 miles away, southbound), hit the curve right before they get to our house then swerve out of control. Garry nearly did himself in on a phone pole about 1000 feet up the road. This road is DANGEROUS when it’s icy and a lot of people with 4-wheel drive think they are somehow immune.

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    1. The weather has been a lot worse, but driving when the roads haven’t been sanded or salted or plowed is just simply dangerous. People in 4-Wheel drive vehicles don’t get it at all. They think they own the roads and they crash a lot. And because they are so BIG, they make it pretty scary for other people.

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