Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Color of Your Choice

There’s been a lot of red flying around my feeders, not to mention a lot of red on my rose bushes. So we’re going with red. And feathers!

18 thoughts on “PICK YOUR COLOR AND I CHOOSE RED! – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Apart from red flowers, the very occasional red-breasted robin (we had tons in England), and some pale unseasonal tasteless toms I – right now – mostly get dressed in RED when I have a feeling of wintery-downcast-melodrama…. then, the red immediately gives me a spring in my steps, my lips are more joyful when I‘m wearing some red lipstick (sadly rarely only) and when I pour some tomatoes from a tin or cardboard box into my soup, the world is a more beautiful place. I envy you your red cardinals, but today I saw a green woodpecker, that was awesome!


    • Me too. And they are the only birds I can really pick out in the woods — at least in the winter when there are not leaves. The rest of the year, only when they pop up on top of a bush — or this year, hopefully a feeder!


    • You probably do — just not necessary in your little piece of Switzerland. I live IN a woods — which improves the number of birds I see and how many live in the area. We have a lot more birds than most people because our woods is what they call “home.”

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