AND THEN, IT WAS WARM AGAIN – by Marilyn Armstrong

It was bitterly cold and it snowed. Then, it sleeted. Eventually, it rained, but not so much around here. Mostly here, after the sleet blew through, that was pretty much it.

The Mourning Dove who waited for me to focus. He was very patient.

The ice and snow lay on the ground and the plow came and scraped us clean. Of course, if he hadn’t come, it would have been clear by lunchtime anyway, but what the hell. We’ve got plenty of money to blow, right?

Tufted Titmouse

I started to take some pictures, but on blue sky days, the birds are not nearly as interested in our food as they are in the forest because they are getting ready for spring.

A bright Yellow Warbler

The Warblers are back and the Goldfinches are changing to their brighter breeding colors. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Juncos decided to fly north, but with all the good food on the deck, they might just hang around.

Pair of Goldfinches

And moreover, it has been warm so often, there are live insects in the trees and the woodpeckers are pecking their hearts out. It’s going to be a bad year for the bugs, but I think I vastly increased bird flock will help keep it in check. My ant guy assured me that birds love ants and will eat a lot of them if they get the chance.

We use non-toxic insect killers around here for what I assume are obvious reasons. There are our dogs and all those birds. The Chickadees, Titmouses, the Goldfinches, and Warblers with their long, strong beaks.

And then, I decided to adjust my camera.

Bright yellow Warbler. Welcome back.

Lacking a “real” manual, there are lots of things in the menu — oh so many things in the menu — which say things like: “ADL – OPTION: YES/NO/OFF” without any explanation of what ADL does. I’m at a complete loss, so I leave it on “OFF.” Too many times I’ve changed one setting somewhere and the camera won’t work until I figure out what setting it was and under which sub-menu.

More Goldfinches

I wound up spending at least half the day setting my camera, then I had to go back and changed some of the things I fixed so the camera would work again. Like it used to, though I did change a few things and whether or not they will change anything, I do not yet know. By the time I finished adjusting the camera, it was too dark to shoot.

Downy or Hairy? So hard to tell!

I have a few pictures I took before the adjustment, though.


16 thoughts on “AND THEN, IT WAS WARM AGAIN – by Marilyn Armstrong

    • And having looked up ADL, it isn’t ONE setting. It’s like three settings — and you have to UNSET them as soon as you take the pictures. I would go nuts. So all of this stuff I do in post-processing. At least I can SEE what’s going on.

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      • Hmmm… i have ADL and HDR settings that i’ve never used (although there are some images i have where i think i should have!).

        Camera’s are far too clever for my own good! – in my opinion. 😉


  1. Oh how I feel with you on those ‚menus & sub-menus, options and adjustments‘…. I probably only use 10% of EVERYTHING technical because I have no clue what ‚they‘ are talking about. You have one advantage though; You speak English 😉
    One of my main beef in France is that they ONLY speak in abbreviations, everything is ABC, DFT, DMLA, etc etc etc…. Even Hero Husband talks to me like that now and I have to throw my hands in the air and scream: Can you talk in WORDS please….


  2. It’s the Lens Settings that confuse me. My camera body no longer functions so well, but I have had it a long time, so am now getting a new one. We have prevspring weather now and I saw the first crocus flower in the lawn yesterday


    • Today, it’s spring. Yesterday was winter as was the day before. There are lots of dripping as the snow, such as it was (and it wasn’t much) melts. The ant people are coming because the ants are “up.” They delivered more oil and I hadn’t even paid for the last batch. I’m glad you can upgrade your camera. They DO wear out. It actually says so if you find the right paperwork. Non-electronic cameras — the old ones — could be fixed when they got worn, but these new electronic ones are done when they have reached a certain number of exposures. The more expensive the camera, the more exposures it can handle. But as the camera starts to die, it gets cranky and slow and much less responsive. When it stops focusing properly, that’s pretty much it. That’s how come I got Kaity a new camera. The old one — and I warned her it wouldn’t last forever no matter HOW much she liked it — got really slow and it wasn’t properly focusing. And she needed a new “normal” lens (old one scratched) … and that was her birthday and Christmas present.

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