Our two-and-a-half-year-old rescue dog, Remy, is a Daddy’s girl.


She shows her love for Tom in a variety of ways, some endearing and some annoying. For example, when we go upstairs to bed, Remy immediately lies down smack in the middle of Tom’s ‘spot’ on the bed and won’t budge. She follows Tom with her eyes and wags her tail, but no amount of Tom’s cajoling or commanding will get her to move. When Tom gets into bed, he has to physically push her out of the way to make room for himself.

Remy sleeping with Tom

Remy has problems with her anal glands (if you don’t know about dogs’ anal glands, you’re lucky) and she has to go to the vet every three weeks to have them cleaned out. That’s a lot of vet visits!

Remy pawing at Tom

Originally I took her myself, but she would sit bolt upright in the car and cry, howl, whine and scream for the entire half hour ride. It was unnerving and probably not pleasant for her either.

Then I got the idea to have Tom come with us on our torturous rides to see if it calmed Remy down. It was miraculous.

With Tom in the car, Remy was quiet and even lay down peacefully and closed her eyes, so now Tom is stuck going to the vet with her every three weeks.

Tom and Remy cuddling

Another weird expression of affection comes every morning right after breakfast when Remy starts to jump around, wag her tail expectantly and bark at Tom as if she wants him to do something. But when he goes into the backyard with her, she just sits on the steps and looks at him.

Occasionally she’ll run around with him for maybe a minute and then run back inside. We can’t figure out what she wants Tom to do, but whatever it is, she doesn’t want the same thing from me.

Remy with Tom driving the boat

In the same vein, when I’m getting the dogs’ dinner ready, Remy will go up to Tom and bark and whine and jump on him and paw him. I always feed the dogs, never Tom, so why she is pestering him while I’m actually preparing her food, is another mystery. But it’s always all about Tom.

Remy and Tom communing

One other unique token of love happens when Tom gets out of the shower. Remy obsessively licks his legs while he brushes his teeth. I think it’s funny – she may be attempting to groom him.

Tom finds it disconcerting though and tries to get her to stop. While she may give me a few perfunctory licks when I get out of the shower, it’s nothing like her devotion to Tom’s legs. I adore Remy but I have to admit that she has something special with Tom. I actually feel good about that because the dog we lost before we got Remy, Lucky, was also more Tom’s dog. Tom missed that bond.

Remy kissing Tom

Our other dog, Lexi, is my shadow, who thinks her job in life is to protect me from errant squirrels, cars on the road and especially the cleaning lady with the vacuum cleaner. She loves Tom but is clearly ‘my’ dog.

Remy and Lexi

Remy does have an independent streak. Lexi is always on the sofa with us but Remy sometimes disappears while we’re watching TV. Lexi is always on the bed with us, but Remy sometimes goes off on her own. It’s nice that she feels secure enough to do her own thing, but it’s also nice that she shows us how loved we are – especially Tom.


  1. Gibbs does the same thing. We used to call it his “superpower.” He weighs about 32 pounds, but when he goes limp on the sofa, it takes two of us to move him. Bonnie and Gibbs are both pretty independent dogs. Gibbs will hang out with us longer than Bonnie. Bonnie come up on the sofa but 1 minute later, she gets restless and has to DO something.

    The Duke still like to play and is completely glued to Garry. Garry is afraid to stop quickly because the Duke will bang right into the back of his knees. They all love me best if there’s any hint of food. Gibbs is my guy, but for some reason, also insanely attached to Owen. Bonnie loves everyone.

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    1. Every dog has his own personality, quirks and habits and you can never be sure what you’re going to get when you adopt someone. That’s part of the thrill and excitement of getting a new dog. Remy has been with us over two years and we’re still learning things about her.


    2. Yes, Duke and I have a theme – “Me And My Shadow.” He’s literally on my heels – wherever I go, stepping on the backs of my shoes and slippers. He also stares at me constantly. I cannot stay irritated at him.


      1. Lexi follows me everywhere but Remy is more her own dog. She adores Tom but isn’t his shadow. She just has special ways of showing her affection. Remy actually likes you a lot too!


    1. We spend lots of time trying to figure out what our guys are thinking or what they want us to do. Remy seems to want to have more activity, but we can’t figure out what. She doesn’t retrieve or fetch anything, doesn’t chase us around, doesn’t love the car, gets bored on the boat, so we’re stumped.

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      1. Duke chases a ball for a while. About 10 minutes. Then he gets bored. I think he wants to go run around outside, but we don’t run and anyway, it’s all MUD outside. Bonnie and Duke have an interest in chasing the ball, but have no idea what to do when they find it. They won’t pick it up or anything.


  2. It’s funny how dogs often seem more attached to one owner than the other. Sometimes it has to do with who does the walks and the feeding but sometimes it just seems to be something the dog sees in you. Cindy was probably more David’s dog than mine because when we got her he was the one who was at home the most, he was the one who would take her in the car to the dog park and he never minded when she climbed all over him. I often wonder if she wonders where he went. She hates to let me out of her sight now.


    1. Gibbs’ passion for my son — who has never lived here since we got him — is a bit odd. I think it’s because Owen is so big, so when he picks up Gibbs and gives him a hug, he feels safe. Not that he won’t follow both Garry and I around, but when Owen comes by, it’s like the King is visiting.

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      1. Remy loves our daughter, who is here maybe 3 or 4 weeks a year. She follows her and often sleeps with her when she’s here, but also seems fine when she’s not here. She seems very adaptable. Remy also cuddles up to guests like crazy. She sits next to them and puts her head on them and totally seduces them.


    1. We work hard to make sure these skittish, anxious rescue dogs know they are safe and loved. They are both on anti anxiety meds and still jump at a sudden noise or movement. But they are much calmer than when we first got them – Lexi at 4 months and Remy at 8 months.

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