I always know there’s a bird on the other side of the feeder by the way it swings in the air. A lot of the ladderback woodpeckers like to stay where they can’t see me … and I can’t take pictures. I also know they are there because sometimes I see a feather sticking out of somewhere or suddenly a beak — or even the bird’s head appears, then vanishes.


I sometimes stand for half an hour with the camera aimed and focused … and there’s nothing. I give up, put the camera down, turn around and there are half-a-dozen birds. Cardinals, woodpeckers, and a whole flock of goldfinches. And more.

Today, there were a lot of birds when I got to the kitchen and almost none after that. It was a warm but drippy day. It wasn’t exactly raining, but it wasn’t exactly not raining. We had to put the dogs out for more than three hours. It was just drizzling and 55-degrees. Yesterday it was closer to 10 — but sunny — so we’ve been having some rather sizable shifts in temperature.

Getting more yellow as the season progresses …

I gather it’s going to snow on Monday. A long, slow accumulating storm.

Not one of those blizzards where we get two inches an hour. No, this is going to be one of those slow, lazy snowstorms. I have to assume it’ll be colder than today but I don’t know how much colder. Since they are forecasting only snow (minus the usual sleet and freezing rain), I’m assuming it’ll be freezing or below.

Unless it stays warm or the storm blows out to sea. You never know.

I don’t know what bird is sticking his head in the picture, but he’s a lot bigger than the Goldfinch! I think it’s one of the Ladderback woodpeckers. The Goldfinch looks better.

I took some pictures of a very determined Goldfinch. Note the head poking out from behind the feeder in the last picture. Photo-bombed again!

16 thoughts on “FEATHERY PHOTO BOMBING – Marilyn Armstrong

    • Yes, but I’m trying to get the less common birds. They are the shy ones who are okay with ME, but not with me and the camera. I don’t know what they have against the camera. I’m not even outside. I’m shooting from the dining room behind closed doors. But I have gotten almost all of them at least once. And there will be more coming as the weather warms up.

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    • They are my hobby too. I just stand at the sink while the coffee drips and the muffins toast and watch them. If I don’t have a camera, there are a dozen or more of them, bouncing around, grabbing seeds, and having a FINE old time. So I get my camera and they fly away home. It’s a little game we play …

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      • Birds bring so much joy. You’re fortunate to have so many outside your kitchen window. Do they go away when Garry stand by the window with his camera? Maybe they prefer to maintain their privacy.


  1. Sometimes I’d swear birds do this on purpose to have a bit of fun with us. I very occasionally get robins in my garden in winter and spring but they always land on the side of the maple tree where I can see them but when I get the camera they go around the other side of it.


  2. Your weather is similar to ours, although we have spring temperatures at the moment. I have the seem treatment from my sparrows. They perform a bird show and as soon Asia am ready with the camera they disappear


    • There was that Cardinal this morning. I just knew as I tiptoed to the dining room put the strap over my head (I don’t even keep a lenscap on the camera anymore), turned it on, turned around and he was gone. I knew he would be gone. He does this to me EVERY morning now. I think it’s on purpose.

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