Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Many things are up for me. I am a very short person and I can’t even read the top shelves in my kitchen. And worse, I’m shrinking.

Nonetheless, all my picture will be much upper than my kitchen shelves because I’m basically so frustrated, I do not want to show the world how short I really am.

Also, the terrible thought that what goes up — like when I try to climb up on something to get something else — must come down. Me. Down. Crunch.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

At Tuskegee Airmen event … an antique plane in flight

Downtown — Prudential Tower, Boston – and I sincerely hope it does NOT fall down.

Up and up again

14 thoughts on “UP UP AND AWAY: WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Great shots of up up and away. I like you am short and have lost 3 inches 3 333333333333333 when the hell did that happen? Anyway, I’ve always wanted to be tall, in fact should be about 5 10 but my spine was twisted crunched whatever when I fell down the stairs as a child. The chiropractor helped straighten out my spine as I was growing up and I got to 5.5 at one point but alas I have gone the other way now. harumph!


    • I hit 5’4-1/2″ at my peak and it has been downhill from there. We all get a little shorter. The discs in our spine compress, so most of us lose about an inch between teenagehood when we are at our tallest and post 70. But some of us — accidents, arthritis, etc. lose quite a bit more. My spine is responsible for most of the loss and general ill-health for the rest.


  2. I’m 5ft. 3″ at least I was last time I was measured. I have a small fold up step in my kitchen to reach the top shelves.
    your photos are perfect for the challenge, and I love the last one.


  3. That last one is a really interesting angle. I love the biplane too, it really stands out. I’m five foot two and keep a step ladder in the kitchen to reach the top two shelves of my kitchen cupboards so I sympathise.

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    • I’m actually too wobbly to use the step ladder anymore. We have three in different parts of the house, but I need handrails, too. I used to be 5’4″, but between one thing and another — mostly spinal arthritis — I’ve shrunk to five feet and a tealeaf.


      • Mine has wide steps and a painters tray with a grabrail but even so I can only use it if I am against a wall, not in the centre of the room where there is nothing to hold on to.


    • I have always been height challenged. Sometimes, they stood me on boxes or crates for TV shots – “The Alan Ladd” shot. Yes, I hated being called “shorty”. It was provocation for some “encounters”.

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