THE MELODY LINGERS ON – Marilyn Armstrong

“The song is ended but the melody lingers on.
You and the song are gone.
But the melody lingers on.”

My mother hummed all the time. While she worked in the kitchen. While she sewed. When she was hauling a vacuum over the rugs and when she was tending the kids. I doubt she knew she was humming.

When I was studying music in college, I occasionally recorded myself, just to see how I might sound to an audience. Turns out, I was humming as I played. I had no idea I did that.

Maybe it’s genetic?


I’ve been to concerts where the pianist was humming. I’m sure they didn’t know, either (but I hope someone tells them).

Melodies get stuck in my head. They roll around and around. Sometimes, I have to think of another tune, just to change the recording. I’m sure this song is going to be playing until something replaces it.

Come to think of it, “The song has ended” has — for now — taken the place of the theme for “West Wing.” It’s a welcome, respite.

5 thoughts on “THE MELODY LINGERS ON – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. A rare beauty, this! I experience this particularly when I‘ve been in a choir rehearsal, in a workshop, a choral week or a concert….. It‘s maddening, it drives me crazy and same as you, it goes round and round until it‘s being replaced by the next one 😉


  2. Yes…melodies are like that! This video reminds me that I used to enjoy watching the Dean Martin Show. My older daughter was a toddler at the time and just learning to talk. As soon as the theme song would begin, she’d call out, “Dean-O!”

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      • Agree about “The West Wing” music. The opening is proud, swelling, full of promise. It’s terrific re-binging again, specifically with the current state of our nation. Unfortunately, we’re already into season 6. When we leave “The West Wing” for current programming (“The Daily Show” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”), it’s definitely BIGLY steps down even those these fellas are funny.

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