I was surprised when I realized the cactus was going to bloom again. It only stopped blooming a month ago, but apparently, this wasn’t so much a new bloom as the end of the intermission following the first blooming.

I’m sorry I didn’t write anything more today. It was another doctor day followed by a grocery shopping day. I haven’t been out much, so I met all the people I haven’t seen in a while — quite a while — and we all had to talk and then a few more people showed up, so we needed more. Turns out we were blocking the aisle, so we had to break up the party.

It got downright riotous in the old grocery store this afternoon.

When I came home, my lift chair was refusing to work and I realized I’m going to have to get the manufacturer to send someone and have it set up properly. Owen did the best he could with it, but it needs the pros.

I was also thrilled to see that my blood pressure was down by 20 points up and down today, though I think it’s because the nurse in my PCP’s office knows how to take a manual blood pressure measurement.

Two cactus buds
Big bud – will bloom first?
Lots of buds and more to come
Almost ready
Early morning — almost ready!
Lunchtime – First bloom!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

12 thoughts on “THE BLOOMING OF THE CACTUS – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Lovely blooms on that cactus! And good news about the bp reading — I often ask doctors to take mine manually, since it can make a huge difference!


    1. I suppose I’m lucky. The automated machines just error out on me. The problem at the hospital was (are you ready?) (really ready?) — no one had a working cuff or remembered HOW to take a manual reading. Pathetic.

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    1. Thank you. I commented as our group broke up that if it weren’t for Hannaford, I’d never meet anyone and we all laughed because it’s true. As for the cactus, I didn’t do anything. It just decided to bloom again. Who am I to argue?


  2. It‘s such a joy to share your days ….. As to taking pressure: I have TWO devices and I can use them as often as I want, one one arm or both, I get different measurements every blxxxxing single time. When asking the doctor what to think of this, he said: Just take the measurings on always the same arm, take them twice and then take the middle value – which sounds to me more like hokuspokus than science, but there you go. To me it means, I‘m still alive which can only be a good thing. Maybe I could give you a bit of my too high tension and you give me some of yours which obviously is too low….? 😉


    1. Blood pressure is labile. It goes up and down and it is supposed to do that. It goes up when you are stressed or working out, down when you are resting or sleeping. If they take your pressure several times in the same doctor’s visit (they do that for heart patients because we are ALL nervous until someone says “You’re fine!”) — each reading will be different. And that’s not unusual. Somewhere in the middle is probably accurate. The only time to worry is if it’s unusually high. THAT is something to worry about.


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