THE DOG DONE IT – Marilyn Armstrong

A few weeks ago, my very expensive kitchen scissors vanished. I was sure they would reappear, that they had maybe fallen under a cabinet or something. I decided it could not be the dogs because why would a dog be interested in scissors? They don’t have thumbs, so what could they do with them.

But today, the truth came to light.

Garry went to The Crate.

This where all three dogs “save” stuff. Toys, bits of wood, whatever things they’ve stolen (socks, slippers, hairbrushes, small blankets, odd items of clothing (underpants [mine are very popular]), plastic medicine bottles. Weirdly, they leave each others’ treasure alone and attack their own. Bonnie prefers soft things. Gibbs like anything which squeaks — except balls which he totally doesn’t get — and mess with their own stuff. Except for food.

If it’s edible, first jaws get the bite.

So it was obvious that the crate was overflowing and Garry decided to clean it out. He found lots of stuff including the usual empty plastic medicine bottles (gnawed), with or without lids. Old mail. Not so old mail. And half of the missing scissors with a chewed-up handle.

These were expensive scissors that were designed to come apart for cleaning, so I’m pretty sure the other half is somewhere. As are a few of my missing socks, underwear, and at least one nightgown.

1/2 of a pair of scissors

I’m not even sure how the Duke — it had to be the Duke because I doubt either Bonnie or Gibbs would want the scissors — I didn’t think it was any of the dogs. I was blaming gremlins, pixies, brownies, and other house elves.

Maybe The Duke IS a gremlin. Or at the very least, a house elf. That would explain a lot.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

34 thoughts on “THE DOG DONE IT – Marilyn Armstrong”

        1. Right now, the keyboard isn’t the problem. It’s the camera. I need to let my right shoulder heal. I think it’s a lot better today than it was yesterday. I want to give it one more day. But the dogs do something else: They make us laugh. And curse. Then laugh. Duke is a total wacko and Gibbs is only a little less nutsy — but they are rescues and they had a difficult life. I’m counting on time to calm them down. I swear that rescues love you more than other dogs. They seem to know they have found a home and they want to hang on to it.

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          1. The shoulder sounds excruciating. Duke and Gibbs are just what the doctor couldn’t order. They love you whether your should is perfect or terrible, whether you write or stay silent, and whether or not you’re toting a camera of any size.


              1. Apologies for the late response, Marilyn. All Barclay wants is for me to throw his ball. Throw the ball up the stairs (18 steps). B runs down the stairs. Throw ball up the stairs. B fetches and runs down the stairs. He LOVES variety!!! But mostly he just wants to play and be loved.


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