What Science Has Taught Us About Stonehenge – SCIENCE REBLOG

I’ve been fascinated by all kinds of archaeology since I was in high school. As a senior, I took a course called “The History of Science.” It was science for the unscientific, those of us who couldn’t deal with physics — though oddly enough, the course was taught by a PhD in Physics. I guess he was really interested in the subject, so we all got a whole year studying Stonehenge. And yet I still don’t know nearly enough.


The origin of Stonehenge is surrounded by quite a lot of narratives, including lost technologies, outright magic, and β€” of course β€” aliens. Here’s what we actually know about this prehistoric mystery.

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

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16 thoughts on “What Science Has Taught Us About Stonehenge – SCIENCE REBLOG”

    1. I really wanted to BE an archaeologist or at the very least, spent my life trying to figure out Stonehenge and other stone circles, henges, burial sites, tors … Instead, I got married young and unless you are married to an archaeologist, it’s not a very practical way to earn a living. So … I wrote. But one of these days …


      1. I know the feeling. I married young too, because there was no money for university. I still keep thinking about going back to school. I just need an extension on time πŸ˜‰


        1. I’m too old for school to make any difference. I wanted to go back to school decades ago. Take a Masters in a different area (sociology) and do something I felt would help my world. It didn’t happen, mostly because schools were different then. Now, I think there’d be no problem, but then they had “rules.” At this point, I’m retired and I’ve got too many physical issues to make full-time work possible, so I guess the younger gens are going to have to pick up the burden and do something. I hope they do. I wish I COULD.


              1. My working days, including the online and screen based stuff, seem to be about fifteen hours long… and that’s only because I impose a cut off point on myself these days. At least I am never bored πŸ˜‰


          1. It’s our constant striving to make things better that creates the discontent. I marvel at the feats of people from the past and they had it so much worse


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