Weekly Photo Challenge – Fences

I picked up a camera and went out to take pictures. Which is when I realized the battery needed changing … so I went back in and got a fresh battery. Then I took some pictures.

It was almost dark, but through the magic of electronic camera technology, everything came out clear and surprisingly bright. Yes, there are fences. Our fences.

The pictures look black and white, but that’s the way our world looks this time of year.

Our house, some snow,, and the fence …

And if you look beyond the fence, you’ll see Gibbs and the Duke back by the front steps

The 1928 Fordson tractor and the fence …

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  1. Super photographs for our challenge. Your pretty house would look great framed.


  2. I love that you can see the dogs behind the sign and I especially like the one of the tractor. I hadn’t seen the flamingo before either.


    • I wanted MORE flamingoes, but I never remember to buy them and summer is so short, it’s over before I get to it. But I promise to get at least ONE more this summer. I want one that looks like the ones in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

      Garry has a really GOOD eye, doesn’t he?

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  3. I thought they were great shots!


  4. Not much snow left there…could it be better times to come?


    • Hard to know. Maybe more later in the week … but they are not sure. Right now, we’ve got some serious wind blowing. Big oak trees swaying. But I notice the sun is (finally) coming out. This time of year, we really never know. We have not had much snow, though. less than a foot for the season, at least here. Up north, much more.

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  5. Love your antique tractor…what’s the story (maybe you’ve written about this before)?


  6. My favorite – The fence, the sign, and the dog.


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