SO GROWS THE CACTUS – Marilyn Armstrong

So grows the cactus – FOTD – 02/25/2019

I picked up the camera today. My shoulder actually hurt more than yesterday and it was obvious that I needed to shoot. I realized as I spent all day shooting, then processing photographs, that the problem isn’t the camera and its weight. It’s these all day workouts on the computer.

I’m not sure what I can do about it because when you shoot, you are going to process … and if you take a lot of pictures — and Garry took quite a few today too — you are going to process a lot.

If anyone has an answer for how to do this without all the crippling side effects, let me know. My wrists, shoulder, neck, and back will thank you.

There are a lot of buds waiting to open soon, too. So there will be more!

Full bloom

Standing back



What a little sunlight can do!

19 thoughts on “SO GROWS THE CACTUS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. It must be catching because my left shoulder is bothering me now. I tried a hot water bottle for 20 min. and it seems to help. I think you have to take frequent breaks from the computer to get over this.


  2. Take more breaks. I’ve gotten so I don’t use computer but need to use it more.

    I’m jealous about your flowers. I reported my cactus plants and they are in the east window and we’ve not had much sun. Each had a bud that withered and dried up. The dirt is moist – dry. Maybe not dry enough. I have the right soil. I’ll keep trying.


        • I keep trying to tell you. It’s a CACTUS. It needs to be dry. Really, really dry. If you keep it moist, you are killing the flowers. When it is absolutely dry, water it, then do NOT water it again until it is completely dry. Right now, I’m watering a little more the usual because the air in the house in the winter is extremely dry. When it warms up, I water even LESS frequently. Like rarely. I touch the soil and if I feel ANY dampness — ANY AT ALL — I wait another day and then check again.

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            • Oof. Okay. Maybe you just have to “feel it.” If it’s shriveling, water it. If it’s moist, DON’T water it. You sorta need to have a sense of our plants. Does that make any sense? I can’t explain it better. I think you’d get the same information from anyone who grows plants. In the end, growing things is a bit more of an art than just science. i mean, yes, there’s science involved, but the timing?

              You have to feel the moment. The time when you plant and when you water. There are people who can’t grow anything. They do everything right and the plants wither and die. They just don’t feel it. maybe you just need DIFFERENT plants, something that likes being kept lightly moist. Ferns, for example. They LOVE being kept moist. Maybe succulents are just not your thing.

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  3. I recently realized that I was putting pressure on my shoulder by leaning forward to the computer (to see), with my right elbow on the arm of my chair, while I used my right hand to use the mouse and keyboard. When I begin to feel that pressure, I lean back, and the pressure disappears.


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