SMOOTH AS A BABY’S CHEEK … Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Smooth

Smooth as silk.

Smooth as a quiet lake on a sunny day.

Smooth as a baby’s cheek.

Smooth …

Silky squirrel
Photo: Garry Armstrong – Water, smooth as silk
Smooth as a baby’s cheek
Twilight at the pond
A little bit of silk …
Shining sand, smooth as silk
Smooth as a bird’s feathers in sunlight …
Smooth water with barely a ripple

17 thoughts on “SMOOTH AS A BABY’S CHEEK … Marilyn Armstrong”

            1. I remember getting really crabby but always getting sunrises and inevitably missing sunsets — until I realized we live on the east coast. So unless we were up on a hill or on a lagoon facing west, sunsets are very rare, but sunrises relatively common.


    1. That squirrel is a survivor! Something (I’m betting a hawk) grabbed him and broke free, but you can see the scars on the back of his neck. I mean, it could have also been a coyote or a fox, but that’s where hawks grab prey. He seems fine — the scar is scabbed over and he doesn’t seem infected, so I’m assuming he is okay. But he is a SURVIVOR.

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      1. We have some in our yard that have that kind of scar, and some blind in the left eye–more than one squirrel, whom I see at the same time, blind in their left eyes. Hmm. They are clever and tough.


    1. I actually did — LONG, LONG time ago — like 40 years+. Owen was maybe 7 or 8 and his friend Moses lived down the block. One day (I swear this is true!) a baby squirrel just climbed up Moses’ leg and settled down in his arms. Wherever Moses went after that, his squirrel went with him. So I did get to pet the baby squirrel and he felt like a bundle of fluffy silk. What a cutie! They feel just like you think they will feel. There isn’t much squirrel under the fur, but it’s very silky.


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