A Snowy Day With Sunflowers – 02/28/2019

Garry came back from the grocery while the snow was softly falling. I already had flowers from last week, so I picked out the ones that were dead, left the chrysanthemums which were in good shape.

But I was grateful. We’ll be locked in the house for a day or two, depending on how much snow we get, though it’s supposed to relatively light and fluffy. That is my favorite kind of snow and I’m sure there’s a special word for it in some arctic language. There are a bunch and I don’t know any of them.

Sunflowers in the snow

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  1. Sunflowers are the happiest of flowers! Spring is coming… March is here!


  2. What a nice bouquet. I’ll take sunflowers snow or no snow 😀


  3. Now that’s a real mood booster, they’re lovely.


  4. Just the thing when it’s cold and snowy outside 🙂


  5. Sunflowers always look so cheery! Hopefully it will not be too much longer before you may be able to pick some wild ones. (Well, some leaning close to a roadside fence anyway!) 😉


    • I don’t think they grow wild. They ARE cultivated, however in huge fields. Some become flowers, but the seeds are used for many things — food and oil and grain. It’s a very beautiful flower with many uses.

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  6. I’m not clear about this. Did Garry bring you sunflowers from the grocery? You never mention that he did. I just guessed so because you only mention leaving mums from the old bunch Lovely pic, though.


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