A Snowy Day With Sunflowers – 02/28/2019

Garry came back from the grocery while the snow was softly falling. I already had flowers from last week, so I picked out the ones that were dead, left the chrysanthemums which were in good shape.

But I was grateful. We’ll be locked in the house for a day or two, depending on how much snow we get, though it’s supposed to relatively light and fluffy. That is my favorite kind of snow and I’m sure there’s a special word for it in some arctic language. There are a bunch and I don’t know any of them.

Sunflowers in the snow

14 thoughts on “A SNOWY DAY WITH SUNFLOWERS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Sunflowers always look so cheery! Hopefully it will not be too much longer before you may be able to pick some wild ones. (Well, some leaning close to a roadside fence anyway!) 😉


  2. I’m not clear about this. Did Garry bring you sunflowers from the grocery? You never mention that he did. I just guessed so because you only mention leaving mums from the old bunch Lovely pic, though.


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