Day Four – March Spiky Squares!

More Blooming Cactus – FOTD – o3/05/2019

Snow fell overnight. Not a few inches, but 18 inches.  Which is a lot of snow, no matter how you care to measure it. For me, it’s up to my knees. We got lucky and the plow came early in the afternoon.

Garry went out and cleaned off the car, which was a lot bigger a deal than it was supposed to be, but we’ve had a lot of sleet and when that stuff flies off the top of your car and hits the windshield of the car behind you, people get killed or minimally, injured.

So no matter who you are or what you drive, you have to clean off the top, not just the windshield and windows. They have special places where trucks can go to get their tops cleaned off. Apparently, getting hit by the snow or sleet from the top of a large truck can make a big mess of your car. And you.

Meanwhile, there’s the cactus:

Warm flowering cactus

It’s a cactus. It’s pointy

Big cactus, many flowers

Happy spiky, jagged, pointy, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and barbed’ squares!

15 thoughts on “FLOWER OF THE DAY PLUS SQUARE AND SPIKY MARCH DAY 4 – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. This sounds just plain terrifying to me…. 18inches of fresh snow!!! And gosh, I’m Swiss! 😉
    Hero Husband once complained – when he started working in the Zurich region, as a ‘Lausanneois’ (we lovingly mock the French spoken Swiss as they do us and when we married, we had to cross the ‘Roeschti Trench’ between the Swiss German and the Swiss French parts of our country! 🙂 ) that he only got fined by the police for NOT taking off every little snowflake from his car because he was a ‘Romand’…… I shall happily show him this post to make him understand that even then, some 28yrs or so ago, the police was RIGHT to fine him – LOL


    • They instituted BIG fines this year. There have been at least a dozen deaths from flying ice atop big SUVs and trucks. It’s just hard for us because we are short and not exactly young. They ought to send healthy young officers to the house to clean the car. They don’t seem to recognize that for some of us, this is a big deal. But they have a point. Especially the ice is heavy and dangerous.

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    • I was SO happy we didn’t get snow. We usually get tons of it and I thought just this year we would be spared. At least it’s late in the year, so in a month we’ll be done with it. A short yet brutal little winter 🙂 You usually get much less snow on the Cape. It’s the ocean thing. Except for the rare times when you get more. You do get a lot more wind and rain storms, though. Not this year — this year has been very windy — but usually, you get the brutal coastal storms we barely miss.

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    • Trent, we’re weather savvy New Englanders now. But it’s still daunting – the cleanup — especially as the years pile up on us. I paused frequently to catch my breath.

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